What to Expect for the Student

This textbook is a “remix” of five previous open sourced textbooks. Effort was placed into maintaining consistency throughout while striving to strike a balance with preserving original content. You will see multiple authors use “I.” See the licensing and attribution information at the end of each chapter if you are interested in identifying the chapter author.

The Foundations of Success: Words of Wisdom essays are all included in their original from and have been distributed throughout the text with the title of each chapter beginning “Words of Wisdom.” The authors of these essays are identified at the top of each chapter.

Although Alise Lamoreaux, Phyllis Nissila, the Lumen Learning authors, the Foundations of Academic Success: Words of Wisdom authors, and I (Dave Dillon) have different voices, I believe in this case that as Aristotle said, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The “Author’s Stories” found throughout the text are personal stories from Dave Dillon.

Videos are embedded within the text. Students with internet access and a device capable of playing videos will be able to watch the videos as they are reading. Students reading offline, with a .pdf  download, or on a a device that does not play video will see a link to the video in the text. All of the videos and multimedia are also listed in the Appendix for future viewing and reference.

You will find learning objectives at the beginning of each unit.

Licenses and Attributions:

Original content authored by Dave Dillon.  License: CC BY: Attribution.

This chapter is adapted from What to Expect for the Student in Blueprint for Success in College and Career by Dave Dillon.


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