70 Thoughts

February 3, 2029, Temple Office Building, Jerusalem


It takes four hours for Kali to record Anna’s plans to execute the Thirteen Mandates and unveil Sun Economics. She doesn’t know why Anna’s plans to deceive man are bothering her—but they are. She should be overjoyed to hear how man will be driven to desperation and forced to pledge his allegiance to Anna so he can survive.

For most of her existence, she has watched Almighty and Lucifer compete for the souls of man. On one side, she thinks the whole thing has been overplayed. On the other, she finds the battle to be as beautiful as it gets. For Almighty, this is isn’t about winning, it’s about love. If man could see what she sees as a former angel, he would never again doubt his self-worth. Almighty has been fighting fiercely and sacrificing recklessly to save every human soul.

Kali stops writing what Anna is dictating. The realization of the depth of Almighty’s love of man sends an odd feeling through her. It feels a bit like an electrical shock, followed by a warm sensation that starts in her chest and spreads to her toes. For the first time in her existence, she questions if Almighty loved the angels like this? Did He once love her like this? As she ponders the mystery, she is pulled back to the moment by Anna. “Did you get all of that?”

Kali, who missed the last five minutes of dictation as her mind wandered, admits to nothing. “Yes, I have it.”

“Good. Get both documents loaded into our servers, but don’t send them yet. I want a copy of the plan to execute the Thirteen Mandates for a United World in my hands February 20, at the U.N. The world’s ambassadors will have just voted the Mandates into effect the day before. I’ll be presenting the Master Plan to Implement the Mandates in the General Session and revealing their real intent in the General Conference Room. This body of world leaders has played right into my hands. The only ambassador who is catching on to my antics is the American, Janet Jagger. I’ll have to handle her soon. My ‘Daddy’ told me she was quite distressed when they discussed the Mandates at the White House last week.”

Anna reaches for her coat and purse. “Ugh, I have to wear this stuff and carry this junk to fit in on this planet? Have you ever seen anything so overrated as clothes and handbags?” She huffs like a spoiled rich girl. “I’m leaving to meet with Anna’s handlers—I mean, ‘my’ handlers, to prepare for the Economic Summit. I won’t need you in Geneva, so feel free to roam the Earth and devour innocent children.” Anna smirks has she pulls on her teal gloves.

“I will, however, need you at the Vatican the following week. That event will be huge for us. The Pope is going to rally the leaders of the world’s twelve largest religions to support the Thirteen Mandates. With the support of the religions, as well as that of the U.N., the world will be following me around like a sad, helpless puppy.”

As she opens the door to leave, Anna turns to Kali to take one final stab at her dignity. “Oh, and Kali, don’t even think about removing the phylactery. I just can’t bear to think of the future without you in it. See you next week.” She laughs in her annoying way as she leaves.


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