42 Superpowers

January 4, 2029, Level XI, Heaven


“What? Wait, superpowers?” Tova’s voice pitches high.

“Yes. It seems we’ve arrived, to the second thing I wanted to cover before we leave. Each of you were equipped with a superhuman power when you were born. It’s not just the seven of you—every human is equipped with at least one superpower. Most are never developed because man lacks the discipline, concentration, and self-assurance necessary to bring them to the surface, and, more importantly, under his control. Man can be short-sighted and focused only on the things in front of him rather than focusing on the powers within.”

“Preach!” Liam punches his fist into the air.

“How is it possible people have superpowers all along, and no one figured it out? This seems implausible, Seneca.” Sterling crosses his arms.

“Some did figure it out, Sterling. But, when they dared to demonstrate their powers, they were often accused of witchcraft or trickery. Many were labeled as ‘freaks.’ Jesus demonstrated all seven superpowers when he walked on Earth. He personally showed us how to use them. His acts were often labeled as miracles, making them seem out of reach for humans. But, when Jesus left Earth, he told his disciples  they could do the very same things, and even greater ones. We chose not to listen, and we chose not to believe.

Now is the time for you to dig deep and connect to your inner strength, removing every bit of doubt so you can use and control it. I’m going to reveal to each of you the superpower you have always had. By the time you stand in front of Michael, you will need to be ready to demonstrate it for him.”

All seven of us stand in front of Seneca with our mouths hanging open. Before we can put together a group protest, he starts talking again. “Here we go. Liam, you have the power of shapeshifting. You can transform your physical appearance so convincingly that you cannot be recognized. You can alter your skin color like a chameleon, and move your posture from young to old with ease. Only those who know you well will be able to identify you by the nuances of your movements and voice. Jesus used this power to evade arrest many times up until the day he willingly surrendered himself. The Jewish soldiers knew that Jesus had this power. This is the reason Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss—the guards wanted a sign they were arresting the right man.” Liam’s fidgeting stops as he stares at Seneca in disbelief.

“Kimmy, you have the power of strategic imagination. You can see solutions for any problem. You can find a way to escape any imprisonment—even those that originate in the mind. You’ll be able to visualize ways to capture and escape your enemies. You solve problems by using simple things around you. Jesus did this when he fed the five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fish.”

Kimmy lets out a “Yeah, baby!”

“Seiko, you have the power to levitate. You can rise above gravity and move short distances. Not only can you lift yourself, you can lift other people and objects with your focus. Jesus levitated when he walked on water and calmed the sea for his disciples. He showed Peter how to use his power of levitation by inviting him out onto the sea—proving some humans are capable of levitating.” Seiko flaps her arms like a bird and smiles at the team.

“Sterling, you have the power of telepathy. You can exchange information with another person by using your mind. This skill probably contributed to your success as a trial lawyer. You can send data and guidance from afar. Once you connect with the enemy, and get him to trust you, you can insert confusing information into his mind. Jesus demonstrated this power many times when people came to him for help. He could tell them what they were thinking and expose the things they were hiding. The woman at the well was astonished Jesus knew she had been married five times and was living with yet another man who was not her husband. She wisely opened her mind, followed his advice, and launched a huge ministry. No doubt, she trusted his words because he could communicate with her in a way that the observers could not understand. He kept leading her to the truth. You have this ability.” Sterling gives Liam a fist pump.

“Tony, you have the power of exorcism. You can identify evil spirits in others and can empower the host to oust them. Jesus cast out many evil spirits that were holding people captive. This is a lost art. Many people are controlled by evil spirits, and many evil deeds men do today are evil spirits working from inside a human host.”

Tony nods and gives Sterling a nod. “Good. I like it.”

“Tova, you have the power of healing. Jesus healed in many places and circumstances where people doubted his power. Like you, his compassion was strong, and he was never afraid to hug people who had leprosy, or to touch people who were hemorrhaging blood. He could also heal people from afar if they had enough faith.” Tova smiles sweetly up at me. I’m not surprised by her superpower.

“Grayson, you have the power of teleportation. You can remove yourself from one location and place your entire body somewhere else. As the Mission begins, this teleportation ability will allow you to move anywhere on the planet. Jesus was able to teleport himself and his disciples in a boat after he calmed the seas. They immediately reached the shore where they were headed. Philip also traveled by teleportation on one occasion from the wilderness to a city thirty miles away.

“If each of you thinks back, you’ll remember a time as a child when you believed you had the very superpower you possess. Over time, you gave up believing you could do it. Lucifer played a role in your doubt. The powers lie dormant within you. The time has come for you to do something amazing with them.”

I look around the room at my teammates. It’s obvious everyone is surprised, but flattered, to receive this information. After a minute of silence in which we all look at each other and think about what these powers might look like, Liam begins to laugh. His deep, hearty laugh takes us all in. Soon, the entire room is laughing—including Seneca. I’m sure, like me, everyone is laughing as we remember times when this information could have come in handy.


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