74 Sun Economics

The security to get onto Air Force One turns out to be tougher to clear than at the White House. The two are led through two sets of doors to a room with a small round table. Secret Service team members stand on either side of the door. As soon as they take their seats, they’re asked to stand again for the entry of the President.

“Please be seated. Janet, there are 193 member nations with the U.N., and 169 signatures are on this petition. There are twenty-three nations who have yet to sign. Tell me—are these holdouts or dissenters?”

“I don’t know, Mr. President. We haven’t spoken to anyone about this. This is the first we have known of the petition.”

“And you have no idea of the person who passed this on to the U.N. staff member?”

“No, sir, we do not.”

“Okay, here’s what we know on the Washington side: The document is authentic. The CIA confirmed many of the signatures. The sizzle tape of the mystery deliverer has arrived and is being reviewed.” The President takes a deep breath and looks up to Janet. “This is about as close to a crisis the United Nations has experienced in its existence. Let’s say the list is finished as it is. What kept the twenty-three nations from signing?”

“Nineteen of them are nations we have been supporting financially,” says Janet. “Without us, they will fall to dictatorship. I know it’s conjecture, but I think it’s the correct answer. The other four are the permanent members of the U.N.’s Security Council. Their votes carry the most weight. They would have to sign this document for it to be legitimized.”

The President slams his fist on his desk and stands to pace the few steps that he can. “How do we know this Janet? This move is unprecedented. No permanent member nation has ever been hit with a petition of this magnitude. It is my position that France, Russia, China, and the United Kingdom are holding out as a unit to see what they can take from us while they are wielding this massive power. This is probably a blackmail attempt to get us to sign off on the Thirteen Mandates—the very ones on which you are dragging your feet.”

“Mr. President, with all due respect, I am not dragging my feet. I have not been on the floor of the U.N., nor spoken to a single member nation about any of the Mandates since we met at the White House. I’m going to tell you what I think: I believe this is indeed a forming blackmail attempt—but not about the Mandates, rather about Project 66. Our nation is cloaking its purpose and the rest of the world is demanding full disclosure.

“The four permanent members of the U.N. Security Council can decide to hold out and demand our weapon’s inventory next month. After the meeting at the White House last week, they know we have filed Project 66 as a weapons system. They also know we intend to vote affirmative on the Thirteen Mandates. This is because your daughter is speaking to the Press as if she speaks for the United States—something she has no authority to do.” Janet is very aware she’s raised her volume level and attempted to shift the blame from herself to the President. She doesn’t expect this to end well, so she continues.

“Mr. President, how much does your wife know about Project 66 and the real role of the satellites?”

“Not much. She is still involved as the founder, but the implementation is happening under the direction of Space Force. Her security clearance level isn’t high enough for her to dabble in the weapons systems. We can’t get her clearance level raised while she is the main shareholder of what might be a multi-billion-dollar company. I have been able to keep the weather modification and controlled oxygen features from her because of the limited security clearance.”

“What exactly can this system do that lands it in the weapon’s category?”

“It can limit oxygen and mix levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in segments of the planet. We can control all of the gases in an area. We can create extreme weather as easily as we can calm it. We can even affect the amount of sunlight that gets through by using its laser shading capabilities. Each satellite also carries Atmospheric Drones for many other pointed purposes.”

“Oh my God! Then, you have the power to control food production, safety, and the health of the nations.”


“And your wife thinks the satellites are to enhance the weather and air quality of Earth. She thinks the shading is for cooling the deserts—ending drought and making it inhabitable. She believes the drones are for seeding clouds to create precipitation. She believes the system is going to prevent tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and drought.”

“Again, yes to all. But, neither of us will profit from this. My wife is diverting all her profits. I am not fiscally involved here.”

“Mr. President, I cannot support you on this. I am too numb to process the possibilities for evil that lie within it. I am going to ask you two final questions and I hope you respect me enough to give me truthful answers. Is there really an asteroid threat, or is this a way of distracting the people of Earth while you launch your sixty-six satellites?”

“The asteroid exists, Janet. But, it’s not on a collision course with Earth. It’s on a collision course with our moon. And it will likely hit the moon on the first pass on November 22. We have no idea what will happen when it returns from the back side of the sun. Furthermore, we have no idea what will happen to the debris of our moon, or how its absence will affect tides.”

“We are launching five spacecraft with Earthlings in life pods to repopulate five different planets. We are sending both adults and embryos. There will be both male and females of each of the pure races on Earth—black, white, and Asian. They will launch in early November. It’s a close call to the arrival of the asteroid, but this is as fast as we can get them up. All of this is in case our species doesn’t survive the return of the asteroid.”

“Then, the information we were given was just smoke and mirrors?”

“Ambassador, sometimes the Commander in Chief must keep certain pieces of information from those around him. It’s part of the job. I’m going to make things easier on you next month when the votes are taken on the Mandates at the U.N. As you know, if there is a more senior member of the executive branch on-site, they take your seat. I am sending the Secretary of State to attend that session and to register the votes for our nation.”

“Where does this leave us?”

“I’m not sure. I’m not one to make decisions in the heat of the moment. I’ll need some time to think this through. Right now, I want to address the Summit, then return home to put our great minds on dismantling this petition. I will keep you in the loop. I expect you to continue onto Rome for the Religion Round Table. I need that information on Anna.”

Janet rises to leave. Benjamin follows suit. They exchange their pleasantries and head towards the door. “Ambassador, you said there were two questions. What is the other one?”

Janet turns to face the President. “I was going to ask which subcontractor listed for Project 66 is really you, so you can make a very big profit from the sale of Sun Economics?”

“Ambassador, that was out of line. You need to go cool down as well.”

Once they are in the car to the hotel, Benjamin breaks the silence. “Should I polish up the resume?” Janet picks up his hand and pats it with her other one. “Not yet, Bond. I never leave a project unfinished. You and I still have some work to do.”


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