46 Schemes

Kali walks onto stage with the procession of Lead Demons. The pomp and circumstance is done to elevate Lucie’s image and play to her arrogance. There is very little real power in any position in Hades. Lucie likes to have the lead demons seated around her throne for affect. They all know this is pathetic, but nothing is going to get Kali down tonight.

The demons have been looking forward to this day. Lucie is going to reveal her plans for the next seven years. This is a celebration of freedom. In a matter of days, they’ll be able to roam the Earth and do as they please.

The procession snakes its way through the audience from the back of the auditorium to the stage. The black rocks that serve as seats are overflowing. It’s standing room only around the perimeter. The demons who could not get a seat are watching the festivities from large screens scattered throughout the levels of Hades.

Music is playing so loudly the rafters are shaking. The spotlights make the festivity seem more like a boxing match than a speech. Mixed in with the demonic music is the sound of lambs crying, metal stakes driving into wood, and men crying out in agony. Kali smirks as she thinks about selling this arrangement on Earth at Halloween. She’s sure it would make her some money.

Once the Lead Demons are in their spots on stage, the stadium of demons begins to chant, “Lu-cie, Lu-cie, Lucie!” They stare at the ceiling above the podium, anticipating her grand entrance. Much to their surprise, Lucie rises from a spot in the stage floor. Smoke and flashing lights surround her. The audience goes wild. Kali knows Lucie just received the “grand entrance” she has always wanted.

Once Lucie is level with the stage, the music stops, and the smoke dissipates. After a minute of silence, she speaks. “Let my surprise entrance from below the stage be a lesson to you: the way to catch man off guard is to appear where he does not expect you. Greetings, my faithful servants—I stand before you now with great expectation. At exactly midnight, I will become the rightful leader in my new kingdom—Planet Earth.” Cheers erupt across the auditorium.

“Yes, yes, be excited. For your entire existence, you have been nothing more than a pawn in Almighty’s senseless game. Imagine! He meticulous designed you and yet you ended up being just one of his discarded tokens. Well, no more! I say, Lucie’s Ladies are back in town!” The demons squeal with delight.

“We are about to right the wrongs done to us. I say you have paid your dues, put in your hours, and now it’s time for you to check out permanently from Hell’s time clock!” The cheers from the audience shake the rafters for two minutes straight. Kali joins in the standing ovation.

Once the audience quiets and the demons take their seats again, Lucie continues. “I know some of you doubted I could deliver. Let me say: I know who you are, and you will never be promoted in my new kingdom.” Nervous laughter spreads across the aisles. “For those of you who never lost faith in me, I congratulate you. You’ve hit the eternal jackpot.”

Cheers bring the audience to its feet again. Kali is impressed with Lucie’s public address skills. The woman knows how to deliver a speech.

“Tonight, I will reveal the strategy prepared by the Lead Demons under my guidance. I will be placing our troops for battle. The strategy ensures the return of things stolen from us centuries ago. Embrace what you learned from your mistakes before regret paralyzes you. Our strategy will be superior to the enemy’s. We are going to out-smart, out-fight, and out-perform the armies of Heaven. Almighty’s simple-minded angels will be no match for us.

“I learned early in the Great Game the best way to advance against Almighty is to attack the men, women, and children who keep him on a pedestal of perfection. No one is perfect, and He knows it. Even He has gone back on his word and failed to follow through on threats made throughout history. He negotiates conditions and rewrites his declarations when it benefits Him to do so. Do you really want to follow a weak leader?”

The audience is on its feet, shouting, “Lu-cie, Lu-cie, Lu-cie!”

Once everyone is back in their seats, Lucie switches to a practical tone. “Here are the numbers you need to have as this spiritual war begins. There are four billion demons. A finite number. No one creates new demons. Almighty holds the “Creator Card,” so I cannot do it. He has also forbidden me to use the men inhabiting Hades to war against the men on Earth.

“With a limited number of demon troops, it is imperative I place them where they can do the most damage and gain us the most territory. I am going to mobilize demons from each of the twelve Hells and send them to the nations where we anticipate the most resistance to totalitarian globalism. I must have total control of man’s public and private lives by his government and his loyalty by religion. Through cooperative possession of many human leaders, we will have demons placed in positions of prominence in the countries of France, Germany, Russia, China, India, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Turkey, Egypt, and Jordan. Additional demon troops will be in Italy, the United States, Libya, Brazil, and inside the Vatican.

“After these placements, the remaining demons and imps will be placed on the individual assignments of scouting, recording events, and research. Don’t wonder if we have enough troops to take on man and Almighty’s eight billion angels. We have more than enough. We are running a lean, mean, killing machine.” After she punches out the last four words, Lucie uses her signature move—her arm to her forehead—and dances around in a circle. The audience joins her. Kali has never seen Lucie so giddy.

Once she has calmed herself and the audience, Lucie softens her voice for effect. “Left alone, man drifts towards the dark. The planet is under a curse because of the sins of man. It is also under a curse because man is born with a sin nature. Because of these two curses, we do not need to be directly involved for bad things to happen to man.

“Take me as an example. I am not omnipresent. I can only be in one place at a time. And yet I ask you, can I do damage without being on-site?” Laughter spreads through the audience. “Here’s the thing: contrary to popular belief, we don’t need to be present for men to make bad decisions. He is stupid, and he is weak. He can mess up his life all by himself. I can tell many of you have enjoyed participating in his failure.” There are squeals of delight across the auditorium.

Caught up in the enthusiasm, Lucie steps away from the podium and to the center of the stage. She belts out in rap style, “I don’t need no LA-SIK to see that men be BA-SIC!” The audience members jump on their seats with cheers and laughter. They are giving each other high-fives in the aisles. Lucie just scored some big points. Kali giggles again—partly because of the truth in the statement, and partly because, even with her many talents, Lucie can’t rap.

“I need your quiet attention for the remainder of the program. Listen carefully, I will not repeat this. I have just come from the Holy Atrium where Almighty conceded his power over Earth for a period of seven years. What we do with these seven years hinges upon successfully retrieving the Keys of Death and Hades. Should we have the keys in our hands, Almighty cannot lock me away after the seven years of Tribulation. I will have one thousand years added to my reign. In this case, we will sculpt the planet in our image. We will amuse ourselves by watching humanity self-destruct as they give in completely to their lusts.

“If we fail in retrieving the keys, our seven years will be about pure destruction. We will gain the trust of man, and then pull the rug out from beneath him and laugh as he falls. Phase one will be the arrival of my kingdom. I have prepared a body to possess. In my human body, I will be seen by many as a metaphorical ‘queen in shining armor’ riding in on a white horse to save the day. I will be worshiped. I will solve all human problems for a period of three and one-half years. I will win the trust of the political and religious leaders alike. Ultimately, the world will unite under a single leader—and the powers of the world government will be limitless. That leader will be me.” The demons jump from their seats. They are dancing together in the aisles until Lucie brings them back to attention.

“Phase Two will be war and bloodshed. All the nations will prepare to play a part in a massive World War III. Small battles will break out as the stage is set for the Great War. I ask the Lead Demons to stand when I refer to you. First, I want to address Amy, Demon of Disease, and Valentina, Demon of Water.” The spotlights shift to the two as they stand.

“There will be four phases of destruction needed for us to eradicate the world of everything that bears Almighty’s fingerprints. We must cleanse the Earth of anything that is good. The two leaders standing behind me will set the stage for the arrival of pestilence in Phase Four. Tomorrow they will begin to infect mankind with viruses that can be activated by us from outside of their bodies. When activated, the host will live long enough to infect many people—but the new victims will not survive more than twenty-four hours.” The demons begin to hum their death song in a low voice. The humming echoes off the cave walls. It’s like a mighty invasion of swarms of locusts.

Lucie looks like a maestro as she signals the humming to stop. “Amy has been working with her team on very specialized viruses which target ethnicity. One nation is only months away from being able to release deadly DNA-directed viruses on people who share an ethnic background. Does it surprise you the Creator has been protecting this nation’s secrets? This proves what I have said for centuries: Almighty is a racist! He is, in fact, the first racist. He chose a race of people to lift above the others, and He is still protecting them while they are developing technology capable of performing an ethnic cleansing of the planet.

“Now that our time is here, we will reveal the identity of the owner of these dangerous weapons. Yes, we will spread the truth that Israel is the author of the DNA weapons of which I speak. These weapons are the real reason the armies of the world will ultimately rise against the ‘chosen people.’ Biological weapons in the hands of racists are so threatening it will cause the armies of the North and the East to unite to destroy not only the weapons, but also the people of Israel. As news of the bioweapons is spread across the world, confusion and fear will sweep the nations of Europe and the United States. Israel will finally be abandoned and left to stand alone. This is when we will defeat their armies. Amy and Valentina, you may take your seats. Give them their props.” The audience stomps their feet in sequence.

“I now ask Abaddon to stand. You are familiar with our Demon of War. Abaddon will lead our armies to march before the human armies to destroy Israel. Israel is prophesied to give rise to a second ‘Messiah’—a man set to lead the army of Israel through the Great War. Should we lose the Great Game, this Messiah will be tapped to rule the world for the one thousand years that follows the Tribulation. We cannot allow this man to rise to power. We must locate and kill this so-called Messiah.” The audience begins to boo.

“Yes, I understand your anger. Do not fear. We will prevail. Abaddon is under direct orders to slay all unmarried Jewish men age twenty-three to thirty-three when the time is right. This will ensure this second Messiah will be put to death before he can rise to power. Yes, this deed will be difficult to hide, but I have a plan. The massacre of the Jewish men will happen halfway through my reign. Almighty will be opening the gates of Heaven for an instant and taking his followers off the planet. This phenomenon will shake the planet and cause great earthquakes.

“Millions of people taken in the night will paralyze the world. In the confusion that ensues, our demons will strike the Jewish men like a thief in the night. The earthquakes that shake Jerusalem that day will help us to hide our crime. I will proclaim the entire madness was an encounter with an alien race. This will be Abaddon’s moment of glory.” The audience stands silently to salute the Demon of War by placing their foreheads to their forearms. Lucie lets Abaddon have her moment. Then, she continues.

“Phase Three will be the collapse of the great economies of the world. We will not spare a single investor. I will redistribute the wealth of the world in a single day. The poor will receive massive entitlements in the new ‘Socialist Order’ and become rich. They will rise to praise me. The rich will be outraged, but there are fewer of them. The wealthy five percent kept their eyes on the wrong set of numbers. They were watching their portfolios rise rather than the number of people who were being reduced to poverty. The ninety-five percent will finally reach up and pull down the five percent. Many billionaires will take their own lives after finding out they are bankrupt. The chaos that ensues will be simply delicious for us to behold—and there’s more.

“When the banks fail, the people will beg for bread. The cost of a single loaf will reach seventy-five dollars in the world’s wealthiest nation. This gluttonous nation will finally realize the starvation the other nations have endured so it could sustain a lifestyle of greed and waste. On that day, I will declare to the corners of the Earth, “The United States of America has fallen.” The audience goes wild. “Yes, it is time. This nation has kept the Christian and Jewish religions thriving for far too long. It is time to pull the plug.

“Phase Four will see the return of man’s most feared diseases: the Black Plague, Ebola, smallpox, and leprosy. People will hide in the cliffs of the mountains and live in small colonies to avoid being infected. Wild animals will attack men in their hiding places and the two will battle for the last of the food resources. Rabies will infect many men. We will cheer as men foam from the mouth like lowly dogs. The global disease catastrophe will happen with limited cures. Ultimately, one half of the remaining people on earth will die of disease resulting from our finely executed strategies.

“Those who survive disease will fear their fellow man. They will also despise their ‘higher power’ for failing to protect them. This is when we will swoop in with the cures. The remaining people of Earth, three billion strong, will be mine! Almighty will be broken as they turn their backs on him. I will organize them and give them a united voice. We will lead a revolt against Almighty—and this time, we will prevail. Now, I ask of you—is this not a beautiful thing?” The audience erupts in cheers.

“In total, I’ll be gone from this place for seven years. After three and one-half years, the men of Earth will be completely under my control. That day, I will create a pathway from Hades and Earth, allowing you to come and go as you please.”

The audience shouts, Amen!” to mock the hated Christians.

“I will be leading from the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. I will sit on my throne within the Temple walls and defile it with my presence. I will mock the Jews as I sit near the Holy Ground where animal sacrifices will once again be in style. The screams of the innocent lambs will fill my senses. In another irony, my throne will sit in the courtyard between the Holy Temple and the Dome of the Rock. I will make myself their beacon of hope just as the peace treaty of the Middle East begins to unravel.

“In conclusion, I ask you now—Are you brave?”

The audience stands and yells in unison, “We are brave!”

Lucie scans the audience until it goes quiet. “In my departing words, I want to warn you this will not be easy. It will not be convenient, and it will not be pretty. Abaddon, our fearless Demon of War, will keep the arriving souls in order and will rule this great Underworld of Hades. I ask you to offer both of us your undying loyalty!” The echoes of cheers through the rafters continue even after Lucie has disappeared in a cloud of smoke.


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