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After laying down his glasses and giving his dismissive remark, the President stands. Janet and Benjamin follow his lead. “Ambassador, I would like you to attend the Economic Summit in Geneva next week. Benjamin, please accompany her. Anna will be addressing the Summit and receiving an appointment by One World Bank. I would like you to pull out your sleuthing skills from your years as a journalist and do some investigative work for me. I’m not sure what I’m sending you to find, but good reporters know how to sniff these things out. See which nations are inordinately chummy and what they are discussing. Look for any guests who seem out of place. Report your findings back to me.

“After the Summit, get yourself to the Vatican in Rome. We were extended an invitation to send one representative from the U.S. government to the 2029 Religion Roundtable. I’d like you go.”

“Yes, Sir. If I may, though, what is the Religion Roundtable? I’m not familiar.” Janet asks.

“The religions of the world have been meeting once a year since World War II to coordinate their message and to discuss any government activity that oppresses people or religion. This year, they are meeting in Rome. The twelve largest religions will be represented. I understand Anna will be present as well.”

“Unbelievable. I hope this doesn’t offend you, Mr. President, but your daughter is suddenly in attendance at every major world event. One would think she’s running for a political office. She has more exposure right now than most presidents have while in office.”

“Believe me, I’ve noticed. I rarely get a returned call from her. Even when I do, she remains tight-lipped about her activities these days. This is the reason I want the two of you to be ‘boots on the ground’ for the office of the Presidency. I will also be addressing the Summit, so I’ll follow you to Switzerland a day after the welcoming reception.”

The President turns to the assistant taking notes. “Arrange a meeting for me with Ambassador Jagger and her assistant upon my arrival to Geneva. Make sure it happens before I address the general assembly.”

The President turns his attention back to Janet. “Two requests: One, forget Anna is my daughter for now. View her as a person of interest for the U.S. Security Council, and two, please be careful. Do not take any unnecessary risk. We will meet back here after both events have concluded and try to put this puzzle together.”

“Yes, Mr. President. We’ll follow through on everything you asked.”

The President’s assistant stands and gives him a quick nod. “Thank you, Janet. It’s good to see you, Benjamin. I hope you will forgive me, but my time is up. As I mentioned, we are handling a bit of a crisis in Jordan today with some assassinations being carried out with untraceable drones.

“I’m still interested in your thoughts on the remaining eight mandates, Ambassador. Please put them in an email and forward it to the office of the Vice President.” The President turns to address his second assistant. “Grant, give the Vice President a heads up. Tell him to forward me any necessary action needed on the Thirteen Mandates. Be clear I want him to address the Ambassador on each one before the votes come to the floor at the U.N. We want her as comfortable as possible on pushing these through.

“Janet, are we clear on the U.S. position on the Mandates for the moment?”

“Yes, Mr. President.”

“Alright you two—I’ll see you in about ten days. Safe travels home to New York.” The President smiles at Janet, and pats Benjamin on the back. With this, he leaves the Oval Office. The Secret Service officers step back in to guard the doors. The President’s secretary, Judith, offers to escort Benjamin and Janet to their car.

Once inside the car, Benjamin tells the driver to notify the pilot of their departure time. “Tell him to file the flight plan with the air traffic controllers for an immediate departure for the Teterboro Airport.” He looks at Janet, but says nothing.


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