83 Resignation

Anna walks back to the small stage in front of the Roundtable. “It appears as if our numbers have dropped from thirty to twenty-seven. We will pick up where we left off. Let’s proceed with the vote to accept the Medallion as our symbol of a United Religion. Before we vote, are there any more questions?”

Pope Kellan stands up slowly to face the delegation. “I do not have a question, but I do have a statement.” Anna turns to stare down the Pope. Her attempt to intimidate him fails as he refuses to look in her direction. “I will be making an official statement to my advisers later today, but I want you to know I will no longer be leading the Catholic Church. I am also leaving this event. Anna, I do not support your plans, nor do I support your Thirteen Mandates for a United World. The unity you seek with the religions will eradicate the smallest religions and hand the rest of us over to an all-encompassing world government.”

Anna scoffs at the Pope as he climbs the stairs to exit at the back of the room. “Well, aren’t the four of you quite the vision? Ambassador Jagger and the Rabbi’s people killed your Jesus. Your people killed His Apostles. Yet, Dr. Peters follows along with the lot of you—confirming what the rest of us know. Christianity is the religion of the weak.”

Pope Kellan hesitates just long enough to hear Anna’s words and then continues to the door. Cardinal Mallow rises to follow him out of duty and respect of his position. Once they leave the room, Anna laughs. Her laughter is so misplaced that the remaining twenty-five leaders stare at her in disbelief. “I laugh because these people who have departed this room today are part of the resistance. They are mere clowns to Almighty. Everyone should appreciate them for the entertainment they provide, but little else.

“The responsibility may fall to the shoulders of eleven delegates rather than twelve, but we shall forge forward. First, we will vote on the Medallion and then take a fifteen-minute recess. I ask that you not contact your leaders, your governments, or the Press, in order to protect our solidarity.

“During the recess, my assistants will be placing a contract at your seats that will direct the Religion Roundtable to move forward with the uniting of our religions into a single force. The phone calls to your leaders should wait until the contract is approved. So, with a show of hands, who among you votes to accept this stunning artwork on the table before us to be our official Religion Medallion to be our symbol?”


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