18 Reappearance

After trying all thirty doors in the adjoining hallways and being denied access to every one of them, Lily heads into the restroom. When she finishes washing her hands and looks into the mirror, she sees a figure standing right behind her. She tries to scream, but the woman covers her mouth to muffle the sound. She is strong and holds Lily tight against the vanity so she cannot move. She speaks softly into her ear. “Lily, calm down, it’s me, Lucie. We met on the running trail last week. Remember?” Lucie smiles and Lily nods her head.

“I’m going to let go of you and uncover your mouth. Do you promise not to scream?”

Lily nods. “What are you doing here? Do you enjoy scaring me? Because you have been doing a great job of it. I didn’t recognize you. Your hair is different. You said you were a guardian angel, so why are you are here at my parent’s science building?”

“I’m here with an update to the message.”

“Which is?”

“God wants you to know your assignment is about to begin. In fact, you will know what it is before this day ends. Are you ready?”

“Sure, I guess. It would help if I knew how I am supposed to have a baby for God. As weird as that idea seemed at night on a dark trail, it seems even weirder in the middle of the day in a ladies room.”

“This day is a monumental one for God’s new baby. She needs you starting today. I am here because the guardian angel needs to be on duty from minute one.”

“The baby needs me today? Here? You do remember I’m a virgin, right? I told you where I stand on this.”

“Do not worry, my lovely Lily. God will take care of everything. You will see.”

“Why do you look different? Your hair is red now, and your eyes are brown. Why are you wearing lab attire? Am I the only one who can see you?”

“So many questions—I will answer a few. Everyone can see me, but not everyone notices me. I try to blend into any environment. I need to be convincing, so I am usually quiet. I do not like to upset people. It jeopardizes my mission.”

“Your mission?”

“I mean job. Stay alert today. Focus on everything you hear, as well as the things you observe on your own. When the opportunity presents itself, you will know what to do. Do you remember what I said about being brave?”

“I do.”

“To answer your other question, I change my looks to be understated, and hopefully, unnoticed. I learn more by observing rather than by interacting. I never ‘underestimate the power of being underestimated.’ That’s good advice for you as well. Now, smile. This is a very important day.”

Lucie smiles one more time and smooths Lily’s loose strands of hair behind her ear before slipping out  the restroom door. Lily runs to see where she is going. The hallway is empty in both directions.


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