25 Possession

October 25, 2009, Beth Tikvah Synagogue, Great Falls, Virginia


During Rabbi Weiss’ Bat Mitzvah prayers, a spirit calling itself Lucie takes possession of Anna. As she receives the rabbi’s blessing, a tingling shock runs through her body. A loud hissing voice emanates from the ceiling. The lights flicker.

The voice screams vulgarities at Almighty, proclaiming He cannot have this girl, that her soulless body belongs to her. Anna cannot hear the other side of the conversation–only the screaming, hissing voice. It calls her impure, an untrue Jew. The voice claims Anna in the name of Hades. Then, all goes silent.

The tingling gives way to burning, so painful Anna screams in horror. From the top of her skull down the bottom of her feet, the pain burns through her, as though she is being cut in half. For seven minutes, she convulses, and finally awakes to the terrified eyes of her parents and the synagogue’s security team. They help her sit up and give her a glass of water.

After a few sips of water, Anna catches her breath. “Did you see the lights?” she asks the circle around her. “Did you hear the voice?” 

“You must mean the storm,” says Sarah. “There was a thunderstorm that passed through when you fell.”

Anna glares at them for not believing her. She doesn’t understand how or why, but she can suddenly sense the thoughts of the people around her, and, more than that, can guess the evil deeds of their lives. For no particular reason, she hates every one of them.


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