73 Politics

It has been a long, sleepless night for Janet and Benjamin. After the opening reception of the Economic Summit ended, they returned to her suite and waited for a call from the President. Her initial call was forwarded to Air Force One where the President’s Chief of Staff, Ava Stiles, informed her the President was sleeping. She evaluated the information and decided that it could wait until the morning.

As the President slept, Benjamin and Janet changed into casual clothes and took a walk on the streets of Geneva. The sky was clear, and the air was cold. They bundled up with scarves and gloves. Janet’s security staff is required to stay with her when she is out of the country, so they are out for a cool walk as well. They are careful to fall back to give the two their privacy.

“Is it impossible to find a President who is honorable and empathetic of the needs of his fellow man? Is it always going to be about the money and the power?”

Benjamin doesn’t reply. She is asking an age old question to which there is no answer good enough to satisfy the person who is asking. It is rhetorical by default. “What am I going to do, Benjamin—I mean personally? Professionally, I’ll defend the United States, but backing a weapons system that is being falsely sold as an environment stabilizer is not ok with me.”

A call comes through to Janet’s cell phone. “This is Ambassador Jagger. Yes, we will be right there. Thank you.” She hangs up the phone. “The President has arrived. He wants to meet with us aboard Air Force One. A car has been ordered to take us to the airport. It’s already at the hotel.”

“Are we ok to show up in casual clothes?”

“It’s going to have to be ok. You know this President’s limits of attention and patience. We can’t get there soon enough. Maybe, he will find our ‘drop what you’re doing and come right away’ appearance to be charming.


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