60 Out

Lucie’s confusion rapidly turns to fury. She calls out to Raphael and the other angels, but no one replies. She walks the entire perimeter looking for a secret exit, tearing the art off the walls in her search. Nothing! The room doesn’t have a ceiling, but the walls are too high to climb.

Almighty is doing this to undermine her reign. He probably constructed this illusion of a prison just to make her feel powerless and to waste her limited time. She’s sure he’s off having a good laugh with the angels about how the ruler of Earth is stuck in Heaven’s Atrium.

Using the only power she has in Heaven, Lucie summons Kali through telepathy. When Lucie summons one of her demons, they know to come immediately. Within a minute, Kali is standing outside the Atrium’s locked door. She calls out to Lucie. “I’m here! What’s going on?”

“Almighty has found it acceptable to imprison me inside the Holy Atrium. It is a sick joke played at my expense. I’m sure he’s enjoying my predicament. Why else would you have arrived outside of this room instead of directly in front of me?”

“Actually, I am directly in front of you. And isn’t it better I’m on the outside to help get you out?

“Shut up, Kali. You know nothing of the ways of Almighty. Just get me out of here. Try the door from your side.”

Kali pulls on the door but can see it has been sealed with some sort of acrylic putty. All she knows is, this door is never going to open again.

“The door is sealed, Lucie. What do you want me to do?”

“Think of something! I am not equipped with creativity. If I haven’t seen it, I can’t produce it. I’ve never been stuck in a locked room before.”

Kali thinks for a few seconds. “I think Almighty is testing you…”

“You think?!”

“I mean, he wants you to realize something in the process of escaping. Look around the room again. Do you see anything unusual? Perhaps something that was not there before?”

Lucie scans the entire Atrium. Just as she is about to report ‘nothing,’ she sees a small, round hole in a corner baseboard. She relays the find to her Lead Demon.

Kali thinks for a minute. Almighty’s intention is clear to her: He wants Lucie to leave the Atrium of Heaven in the form of a serpent, forced to slither out on her stomach—a reminder of her true station as she begins to rule man. It’s classic Almighty—symbolism and a punishment to fit the crime. She can’t point out the obvious to Lucie. She would never willingly allow Almighty to shame her. Kali gets an idea and begins to speak to Lucie in a calm voice.

“Just relax, Lucie. I sent for Azazel. She’s on her way with her bugs. We can get a small army of insects in through the hole and then we will figure it out from there.”

“You are a complete and useless idiot. How will bugs help?”

“A plan will present itself. I’m sure of it. Your brilliant mind can’t be contained.” On the outside the door, Kali gags at the words she just uttered. “Just sit and relax. You can use this time to plan your takeover.”

Once Kali hears Lucie take a seat and lean against the door, she initiates phase two. “Lucie, do you know why I held out on giving you my vote that day in the Crystal Castle when you were encouraging us to revolt against Almighty?”

“Why would I care? I assume it’s because you’re a complete moron.”

Kali grits her teeth and ignores the insult. “It’s because I didn’t believe you were smart enough to take on Almighty. After all, the ability to create is critical when one wants to make a power grab. Today is a reminder of exactly how helpless one is when they lack creativity. Let’s face it. If Almighty had tangible appendages, he would have more creativity in his little toe than you have in your entire body.”

“Shut up Kali! You are removing all doubt that you are the complete moron I mentioned.”

Kali continues. “Some of us still doubt you can do it. We’ve watched your pathetic attempts of late to recreate the way Almighty brought a savior to Earth. Some say you are as desperate as Pharaoh’s sorcerers when they resorted to trickery to duplicate the miracles Moses performed. Some say you look ridiculous as you try to force all the little pieces of your plan into a respectable story.”

Lucie is on her feet now. Her temper is rising. “Shut up, Kali! Shut up now or I’ll have your mouth sewn shut as soon as I am out of here.”

Kali pushes forward in the face of the threat. “It’s really ironic, when you think about it. The fallen angels who once put you on a pedestal now feel sorry for you. They are taking bets on how this will end. Some say it will be isolation for all eternity, and some say it will be an existence as Almighty’s lapdog. Either way, you will be forgotten, just like every other loser in the stories of Almighty’s greatness. What a shame. After all your efforts, it’s quite possible you will simply end up being…irrelevant.”

With this, Lucie is pushed over the edge. She begins beating on the door and screaming out threats to Kali. As she escalates, her eyes begin to glow and she morphs into a serpent. Her anger leaves her spinning and thrashing about on the floor atop her discarded bodysuit. She is reminded of the hole in the baseboard and heads for it. She races through it and to the edge of Kali’s heels. She rises and strikes Kali on her legs over and over. Kali writhes in pain. “Lucie stop it! It was a trick to get you out of the Atrium. Look around—you are free!”

Once Lucie calms, she is restored to her natural form. “I will not discuss this now, but you will pay for what just happened. Leave me, and get back to Jerusalem and do the things I said. I will be there in two days. I have a matter to settle before I take my throne on Earth.” With this, a naked Lucie steps through the portal and is gone. Kali sighs heavily, steps into the portal and heads back to Israel.


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