82 Medallion

“Thank you, Your Holiness. Before I walk you through the Medallion’s design, I want to refer to the Thirteen Mandates for a United World the Pope and I presented to the United Nations earlier this month. The Medallion, and the unifying of the religions of the world, is in keeping with the spirit of the Mandates. You and I hold within our hands the power to turn the eyes of the world towards peace. It is also within our power to end wars. Nothing is impossible for our Creator.”

Several of the delegates look at each other in confusion. Before anything can be said to contradict Anna’s comment, she describes the details of the design. “As you can see, the Medallion displays the emblem of each of your religions within one of its twelve sections. Let’s begin at the outer edge and work inward.

“Our Creator designed a world of patterns and mathematical certainty. The designers of the Medallion were instructed to align the patterns within the emblem. The gold represents the fire signs, as fire cannot destroy gold. Silver represents the water signs, as water cannot corrupt silver. Copper represents the air signs, as air transforms and reveals the colors of copper. Brass represents the earth signs, as brass is made of many of Earth’s elements and can be molded together to meet the needs of man.”

Anna changes the image on the screen. This one shows associations between religions and the elements of the Earth. “The individual religions relate to one of the metals. Some of you are like fire, as you speak your convictions in a bold and uncompromising voice. Your religions are the ones most likely to pick up a sword to protect its beliefs.

“These fire religions are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam—you are the Warriors among us.

“Others of you are like the waters of a babbling brook. Your desire is to calm the restless souls.  The water religions are Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism—you are the Samaritans among us.

“Still, others of you are colorful and artistic and seek to blend the most beautiful beliefs of the many religions into new and enlightened ones. You want to give mankind wings to fly over the evils that surround him here on Earth.

“The air religions are Bahaism, Sikhism, and Caodaism—you are the Idealists among us.

The earth religions are protectors of tradition and diligence. You seek to provide man with a religion that is consistent, dependable, and capable of withstanding the test of time.

“The earth religions are Shinto, Taoism, and Confucianism—you are the Strategists among us.

The final symbol in each ‘spoke’ is the Zodiac symbol that aligns with your religion. The signs also align with the twelve tribes of Israel. The Creator revealed these patterns to us, as well as many others, to openly display how we both complement and need each other. Man has purposely pushed away from the careful design of the universe to his demise. Yet, these truths have always been evident, and here is the open display of Almighty’s design:



Anna ignores the raised hands from the delegates to push through her agenda. “Yes, there is much beauty and symbolism in the medallion. Of these, the Zodiac is the most ignored. This can be defined as the segment of the universe the sun occupied during the birth of your religion, for example the birth of Christ—the beginning of Christianity—happened while the sun was in the part of the universe known as Leo. Jesus was born in late summer rather than the celebrated December. The Zodiac gave rise to the characteristics of your religions and provide a beautiful variety for the people of Earth. Your distinct heritages will continue to be honored as we gather into a new religion to unite all of mankind.”

Pastor Peters raises his hand and begins to speak as not to be ignored like the others. “Excuse me, Master Cohen, but is the heart of the medallion a fallen cross? If it is, Protestants will take issue with this design.”

Anna walks around the table to where Pastor Peter is sitting. She switches to her native English. “Isn’t it interesting how we see what we want to see—especially when we’re looking to be offended? There is no cross in the center of the medallion. This is just the designer’s way of separating the four metals by black lines. I find it interesting you see a cross, yet don’t see the dove, which is the worldwide symbol of peace.”

The interpreters begin repeating her words in the other languages. Anna is visibly irritated and addresses the interpreters harshly: “Stop! Everyone here is fluent in English. No one is offended right now by me using English—except the French, and this is nothing new. You three interpreters, leave the room. Pastor, I believe you have the floor.”

Pastor Peters waits until the shocked and scolded interpreters leave the room before he speaks. “I see the dove. I also see a serpent wrapped around the thing you say is a black line. What does the serpent represent?”

“It’s a reminder of the evil that can sneak in and destroy our unity should we become complacent.”

Janet looks at Jonathan and Dorothy. Pastor Peters leans over the Cardinal’s shoulder and whispers into her ear. Anna also watches the scene unfold. “I am going to call on the delegates from the United States. Would the two of you like to share with the rest of us the private conversation you are having?”

Pastor Peters stands. “With all due respect, Master Cohen, the assumption you are making that we all serve the same Higher Power might be offensive to some of our brothers and sisters at the table. I know the religion of Islam is emphatic it does not share the same God as Christians. The religion of Judaism openly shares a God with Protestants, but does not share the same view of the Trinity and the nature of Jesus. We also share this table with religions that do not have a God-like figurehead. Their belief systems are based upon doctrines of human behaviors.”

Anna begins to pace back and forth in front of the screen. “Are you telling this delegation it is impossible for the religions to come together to save the world from impending destruction? If we do not move forward with this, Dr. Peters, we are doomed.”

The Protestant pastor shifts his weight from one foot to the other as he prepares for the battle that will come with his next comment. “I don’t mean to offend, but isn’t that prediction just a little dramatic?”

Anna smirks as if she expected this very objection. “Let me share with you some things being hidden from the citizens of the world, Pastor Peters. There is a monstrous asteroid headed our way that might collide with our planet in November. If not then, it could happen in seven short years as it returns from its orbit of the Sun. Even as we sit at this table, there exists a very strong possibility we are about to experience a Geomagnetic Pole Reversal which could disrupt the world’s power grids. Furthermore, the nation of Israel has designed biological weapons that can mark people for death based upon their ethnicity alone. This same nation—while being protected by the mighty U.S. military—has also been developing a superior race of humans through ‘germline engineering,’ which clearly violates international law.

“The United States and Israel together have developed drones the size of hummingbirds, and some as small as mosquitos that can use facial recognition to seek out their victims and blow up their heads. Instantaneous death by an untraceable weapon. The cost for these weapons just dropped to ten thousand U.S. dollars on the International Black Market. Six political leaders in Jordan were killed last week by these very mini-robotic drones. Ironically, the six killed were vocal critics of the U.S. and Israel. Not surprisingly, there are no leads as to the killers. If this isn’t enough, the economies of the world are on the verge of collapse at the hands of greedy Americans. Pastor Peters, I ask you if all of this so trivial to you that you cannot share your God with the other religions—or join with religions that have no God?”

Pastor Peters looks around the room at thirty very puzzled faces. His eyes stop at Ambassador Jagger. She is stunned as well. Though she knows about these things Anna shared with the room, the information she spoke is classified. She’s torn between dashing from the room to reach the President before this information is leaked to the Press and staying put to ensure there is a witness should any of this be further turned against her nation.

She doesn’t seem to be the only stunned person in the room. It’s obvious Anna’s revelations surprised many of the delegates. The representatives of the more peaceful religions are shifting uncomfortably in their seats.

Pastor Peters is relentless. He whispers something into the ear of Cardinal Mallow. She nods. Jonathan stands. “I am challenging you, Ms. Cohen. I may not know the source of your information, but I’m getting a clear picture of the source of your power. Let me clearly state the children of the light will not bow down to you. I am withdrawing the Protestant religions from the Religion Roundtable. We denounce your attempt to move the world to a single religion and to cause all religions to be controlled by government. I am also condemning the scare tactics you are using to bully these great delegates into giving you what you want.”

Anna takes the Pastor’s theatrics as a challenge. “Scare tactics, you say? I’ll call upon someone you trust to verify that the things I said are true.” While staring directly at Pastor Peters, Anna addresses Janet. “Ambassador Jagger, are the things I’ve revealed today true or false? Before you answer, I’ll remind you that you will be giving your answer to the leaders of the greatest religions of the world as well as your fellow ambassadors.”

Janet is shaken to the core. All eyes in the room turn towards her. Anna purposely walks to Janet’s seat and positions herself between the members of the Roundtable and her. “Ambassador Jagger, I asked you a question. Stand and answer honestly. If you refuse to answer, we’ll know that not only are you hiding the truth, but that you are also a coward. Should you lie, I suggest you prepare to offer your resignation—and I will lead the way in demanding it.”

Janet looks at the Jewish delegate and the two Protestant Americans seated at the Roundtable. From somewhere deep inside, an expected boldness pushes its way to her surface. The woman who has faced down drug lords in South America and terrorists in the Middle East stands tall to address the group: “Yes, it’s true. All the things you said about the impending threats to our planet and the scientific advancements of Israel are all verifiable. What you are not telling this delegation is that steps are being taken to regulate some of these things, and to protect us from the others. We are not without hope, as you want them to believe. We must trust our leaders.”

The room is electrified by the stunning admissions. Whispering in many languages can be heard throughout the room. Anna maintains control of the microphone: “Trust? Hope? I hear nothing more than a typical ‘sales job’ by a citizen—and appointed official—of the most corrupt nation of this century. If my father were not President of the United States, I would renounce my citizenship. You heard me correctly. America caters to its own comforts. It cares nothing of the rest of the world. Its citizens invent things to comfort and entertain themselves, and then enslave the rest of us to manufacture their toys and luxuries.”

Anna turns to face the delegation. “Do you really want to put your trust in the nation polluting our air, wasting our resources, and creating a military weapon capable of killing the rest of us in less than ten minutes? If this is not enough, I ask you to prepare yourself for the most damning detail of all—the main shareholder of this new biological weapon is the President of the United States!

“Ambassador, I think I speak for the rest of the room when I say your presence here is no longer requested or advised.”

As Janet considers her next move, Anna pulls closer to stand directly in front of her face. “I say, get thee behind us, Satan. Leave this place!”

The Ambassador of Israel, Rabbi Scott Friedman, stands. “I will be standing with Ambassador Jagger. The nation of Israel resigns from this group as well.”

Pastor Peters, who is still standing, looks to Cardinal Mallow. She lowers her gaze and turns her back on him. “It appears as if the representative of the Catholic Church is refusing to stand with us.” He gathers his things and joins Rabbi Friedman behind Ambassador Jagger. Janet’s emotions are jumping, but there’s no doubt of her position. She leads the small group from the room. Once in the hallway, they are escorted from the Vatican by security and dumped into a back alley.

Janet turns to face the other two. “I have not been a religious person up to this point, but I know what I just witnessed is consistent with the book of Revelation and its End Times prophecy. Pastor, am I right?”

“Yes, I believe you are.”

“Alright, let’s get moving. I need to reach the President and find my assistant. Dr. Peters, I suppose you have a congregation to address on what you just witnessed.” He nods in agreement. “Rabbi, I trust you will update your President and Prime Minister. I hope I don’t offend you by suggesting you also pick up a copy of Revelation on your way to the airport. It might give you some hint as to what is to come.” Janet extends her hand. The men clasp their hands around hers. “We’re in this together. I may not see you again here on Earth, but look for me if you need my help. Please be careful of who you trust.” The three drop their joined hands of solidarity and headed into separate directions.


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