100 Master

January 20, 2030, Temple Square, Jerusalem


After Tony pulls our Hummer into the parking spot reserved for us, we step out into the cool, crisp Jerusalem day. The drive time from Jerusalem to Jordan is just four hours, but the checkpoint at the Israeli border was backed up for two. Since we anticipated the tight security for the event, we left early and arrived slightly ahead of schedule.

Tova’s mother, who assumed her position as International Director of the Red Cross in September, was able to get us seven tickets for the program and a preferred parking pass. We’re here for Anna Cohen’s “State of the World Address,” being called the “event of the year.”

Anna is going to lay out her six-year plan, and we are going to do everything in our power to disrupt it. She doesn’t know the seven of us are still here on Earth, or that Janet Jagger is helping us, but she does know we rescued the keys. Her seven-year clock is now set and began ticking down a year ago. I’m hoping the increased pressure will trip her up along the way. However, there is an unknown risk with increasing stress. Some respond with hyper-focus, increased risk-taking, and improved outcomes. Only time will tell how Anna will do with it.

Our parking spot sits high above the city’s courtyards where the stage is being set for the day’s activities. We stand together and watch the city with visitors, members of the Press, and thousands of security officers bustling about. The security detail stands out with its sea of orange vests.

“I’ve never seen this many people in the city before, nor as much security.” Tova’s words slow when she hits the second part of her observation.

“I wouldn’t be too concerned about the heightened security, Tova. I know you have friends and family here, but Anna’s reign is still in its infancy. I’m certain she will make sure this day is all about her. She isn’t going to allow anyone to steal her thunder with a security breach. Let’s get down there and find Director Jagger.” I offer my arm to escort Tova down the rocky hillside. Tony and Sterling do the same for Seiko and Kimmy. Liam is in front scouting out best route in.

Once we reach the entrance gates, we are stopped for another security check. We knew bags and drinks weren’t allowed inside, but we are still asked to step through metal detectors and submit to a proper frisking by a member of the United Nations Police Force. The UNPOL officer overseeing our gate wags his finger in my face and blurts out in broken English, “Travel papers only.”

I’m unsure if he is telling me this as an afterthought or wants me to do something with the information. After staring at me for a few seconds, he shoves a basket in my direction. It is full of pocketknives, coins, candy, lighters, and other small things people tend to carry in their pockets. “I’m not carrying any of these things. What do you want me to put into the basket?”

“Money. You have money. Put it in the basket.”

“What, my paper money? Is paper money not allowed?”

“All money is gone by end of the year. You must get the chip.”

“Yes, I know about the chip, but my money is still good right now.”

“Not here. Not today. Master Cohen said no money in Jerusalem today. It invites crime.”

“Oh, I’m with you now. Master Cohen doesn’t want people to have money here today to prevent pickpocketing.”

I’m not sure if the officer understood what I said, but I take out the money I am carrying in my front pocket and drop it into the basket. “I guess we will consider that our ‘price of admittance.’ Please use it for good things.” The officer huffs at my comment and shoves the basket under a small curtain on the table behind him.

“Not a lot of hospitality here today, I see. It’s probably fitting this be a solemn event. These people are probably frightened. After the meteorites dropped and poisoned most of the city’s water, and the earthquakes caused the Canary Island tsunami to wipe out many Jewish businesses on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, and of course the Magnetic Pole Reversal wreaked the havoc it did on the power grids in southern Israel—I guess this is what I should have expected.”

Just as I finish my summation, I am stopped by a teenager who I mistakenly believe to be peddling wares in his native Arabic. “Which language for you?”

“Sorry, my man—Security took all of my money at the gate.”

“English it is. Here you go.” The boy slips effortlessly into my native language and hands me some earbuds and a business card with a web address written in English. “Do you have a cell phone with you?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Download this app.” The boy points to the card he just handed me. “Put in the earbuds. They have Bluetooth. The app will translate languages for you in real time. Well, not in real time, but close. Master Cohen wants everyone to be able to communicate today. She doesn’t like interpreters slowing her down, and she says people will feel more like a family if they can talk to each other.”

I turn the earbuds over in my hands and study them through their plastic wrapping. “Impressive. These little things might have changed the outcome of some wars had they existed a century ago.”

The young man keeps talking as he hands earbuds and app addresses to the rest of the team. “I doubt that. Things are usually discovered right when they’re needed—rarely before, and never after.” I stare at the boy, trying to let what he said sink in. “That’s what Master Cohen tells us.”

“I see. Well, far be it for me to contradict your boss and the lady of the hour. Thank you for the earbuds. I’m sure they will be helpful today.” I turn and raise an eyebrow at the rest of the team. Kimmy giggles. We take a few minutes to download our language app from the U.N. Education webpage and to connect our earbuds.

“Oh, this is incredible! I can understand what these people are saying to one another. Can you imagine what removing language barriers will do for our world? We will not go to the Tower of Babel story yet.” Seiko winks at me and begins darting back and forth between people on the street and greeting them with a little too much enthusiasm for my liking. They return her greeting but put up some resistance to engage with her further. I use my ‘come here’ finger to wave her back.

“Seiko, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but we need to stay low-key today. I’m going to guess the silent ‘bird drones’ circling above us right now are doing face-recognition. If they pick up a very chipper Asian girl darting in and out of the crowds trying to engage with strangers, there’s a good chance they’ll monitor your sound feed. Their face recognition program won’t be able to identify you because you aren’t recorded as living on the planet. An alarm will sound inside BEAST where it sits in Belgium. Ten seconds after that happens…bam, you’re on UNPOL’s radar.”

“Yea, you’re right. I should have thought that out. What are we going to do to stay off the grid today?”

“Well, hats and disguises would be spotted immediately, so we’ll just separate up and move around naturally. Janet said to meet her at the West Entrance of the Temple Office Building. From our time spent in the Jerusalem Gravity Pod, we know we’re looking at that very entrance directly behind you. It’s across the courtyard between the Dome of the Rock and the Holy Temple. Since the stage is consuming the entire courtyard, I suggest we split up and work our way down some back streets and meet up there. She said to arrive at noon. We have thirty minutes. Let’s go, and be aware of your surroundings as you move.”

I turn and head back to the vendor tables I passed on the way in, and take a few minutes to look through the papers being distributed there. The vendors only carry two things—writings and policies of the United Nations, and information on their media darling, Anna Cohen. I peruse through a book on religion just published in English. I find the propaganda we knew would come: “There is only one supreme Creator of the Universe. His name is Alpha. Alpha made all men and women of the universe to be equal. There are no other gods or powers with the authority to tell mankind how his life should be lived. Alpha will lift up great men and women to lead his people and will correct any imbalances within the universe he created. Alpha will further the kingdom of mankind by any means necessary. He will shelter his anointed leaders with his almighty hand.”

I’m not even sure what that paragraph is conveying. I would do better with Dr. Seuss’ “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.” His books always had a clear point to make.

After reading, I work my way through the crowd and enjoy the ear buds as much as Seiko did. There is a short relay pause I’ve experienced with a delayed live feed, but you can understand what those around you are saying after the translation is returned from the app. I’m fascinated with my new toy. I cross a busy street and head away from the crowds. I accept a free bottle of water handed out by city employees. I eventually meet up with my teammates waiting on benches near the West Entrance of the Temple office building.

Within a few minutes, Janet comes out of the building with two security officers. “Hello, my international friends. Welcome to the official opening of the Holy Temple, III. I hope you’ll be staying for the address by Master Cohen and the other world leaders. There are many speakers on hand for this historic event. There will also be some incredible announcements that are going to please the citizens of the world.

“I apologize for the brevity of this greeting, but I am needed in a meeting with Master Cohen in a few minutes. As promised, here are your seven tickets to the inner courtyard by the stage. Enjoy! Safe travels home this evening, and I look forward to seeing you on the front lines where the Red Cross will continue to do its great work. Thank you again for your support.” Janet hands out the tickets one by one—pausing as she places the last one in her daughter’s hand. She hugs Tova and waves to the rest of us as she disappears back into the building with her security officers close behind.

I look down at my ticket and begin to talk just loud enough so the others to hear me. “Well, she was obviously under the watchful eye of someone. This may be the most we will see from your mother, Tova…at least, for now. I’m sorry it’s going to be this way. Just like us, she has a role to play. She’s under greater pressure than we are because she’s working with the vulnerability of a human body. She can’t just disappear when things get complicated.”

Tova turns over her ticket and pretends to be reading. “It’s okay. We all know what’s happening here. At least I got to see she’s safe. I’m ready to face whatever comes our way over these next six years. I’m ready to fight for mankind. I know she’ll be doing the same thing. So, it’s all good”

Sterling puts his arm around Tova and gives her a hug. “Good for you. And you’re right. This time will pass quickly. We have already survived the first year. The next two-and-a-half years are supposed to be peaceful. We’ll stay busy trying to get man to stand up to Lucifer—and to keep from entangling himself into the “chains” that could hold him captive for the final three-and-a-half years of this thing.”

When we present our tickets at the entrance of the courtyard, we are surprised to find that our seats are not together. I assume it’s just another precaution Janet has taken to keep us from looking like a team here to represent the resistance—which we are.

As I take my seat between two Israeli businessmen, the voice of a commentator comes alive in my ears. I hear her speaking in English. Everyone around me lifts their fingers to their ears and adjusts their ear buds as they look towards the stage. I assume we are all hearing the same background music and are being addressed by the same woman in our native languages. As she begins to speak, patriotic scenes and pictures of nature flash across the large screens.

“Welcome to the most exciting day of the year: The entire world has its eyes fixed on Jerusalem today, and you are part of the excitement! U.N. Spokesperson and Strategist, Master Anna Cohen, will address the audience with her first State of the World Address. It has been one year since she and Pope Robert Kellan presented the Thirteen Mandates for a United World to the General Assembly of the United Nations. Pope Kellan resigned his position with the Catholic Church shortly after the address, and Master Cohen is now single-handedly guiding the Mandates.

“Today is not just about the Mandates. It is also about healing. Over the last year, our planet has experienced tragedies, climate shifts, fallen governments, collapsing economies, and the reappearance of diseases once thought to be dormant. Master Cohen will be delivering information from our scientific community on the anticipated effects of the moon’s slow move away from our planet. After having its orbit altered by a collision with asteroid Apophis two months ago, our oceans are finally settling into a pattern, and we need to know what comes next.

“Master Cohen will also discuss what we can expect in six short years when the fragments of the same massive asteroid return from their orbit of the Sun.

“She will be updating us on the restoration of power to the twenty percent of the world still without electricity following the power grid failure caused by the reverse of the geo-magnetic polls on December 31. As reported earlier today, the number of people who have died as a result of this unexpected natural occurrence in ten months has exceeded 150,000.

“In other science updates, she’ll share new concerns coming from South America, where the two large pieces of Apophis that crossed into Earth’s atmosphere landed near the border of Brazil and Venezuela. The collision with the planet created a thick ashy cloud cover that has poisoned the waters of both nations, burned hundreds of thousands of acres of vegetation with its caustic gases, and caused the deaths of thousands of animals in and around the Amazon rainforests. Our Master has been told the stench of rotting animal carcasses and unburied bodies is sickening people who live near the affected areas.

“The growing concern is that this cloud appears to be moving northwest towards Central America and does not seem to be rising and clearing into the planet’s atmosphere as expected. Scientists told her it seems this cloudy mixture of unknown elements ‘has a mind of its own’ as it is moving counter to our known laws of physics.

“The world leaders you see on stage today have been working together to restore order and a sense of normalcy to our planet. Our order of speakers today will be: First, Her Holiness, Dorothy Mallow, Pope of the Catholic Church will open us with prayer. Second, newly appointed Secretary-Director of the United Nations, Sofia Esposito, of Italy, will address the solidarity of the world’s nations.

“Next we’ll have U.N. Ambassador Jill Anderson of the United States of America. She leads the implantation of the microchips for all nations. She’ll be giving us a quick progress report. Fourth, President Belle Brooke of the United States will address the economic crash of the European Union last week. She will reveal the new trade agreements that will stabilize the world.

“Afterwards, Executive Director of Galaxy Force, Cadey Matteson, will be addressing her vision for the development of the Milky Way Galaxy. And finally, Director of the CDC and the Chairperson of the World Health Organization, Dr. Sandy Land, will be updating us on the six contagious diseases that are threatening parts of our world: Bubonic Plague, Ebola, Marburg Fever, and Small Pox. She will also update us on the progress made with containing Leprosy and Rabies.

“The day’s program will culminate with the much-anticipated ‘State of the World’ keynote address given by U.N. Strategist and Spokesperson, Master Anna Cohen.”

The program will begin in fifteen minutes with Pope Dorothy Mallow. Please make your way to your seats.”

This is the first time I’ve heard a lineup of speakers addressing so many challenges at a single event. The opening comments have had a quieting effect on the audience. There’s barely a sound coming from the courtyard as 100,000 people shuffle to their seats. From what I’ve seen from Anna, she has set the lineup purposely to create fear, so she can come on stage and put a positive spin on everything. She will set herself up to be Earth’s savior.

The background music begins to play louder, and the screens on the stage begin running something entitled, Updates from the Nations. All we can do is take it in.

United States:

“President Enoch Cohen was impeached on September 13, 2029. He retired with his wife to upstate New York. A car bomb claimed both lives three days later. No one has been charged in their deaths. Belle Brooke assumed the role of the Presidency, and is a supporter of the Thirteen Mandates for a United World and a globalist enthusiast.

“The United States has begun the insertion of microchips into its citizens on a voluntary basis. This is the last country to agree to participate in the chip program. Seventy-five percent of the world’s citizens are not bearing microchips.

“Sun Economics, Inc. was donated to the United Nations by Anna Cohen.”


“Dr. Cadey Matteson has been promoted to Director of Galaxy Force. She now leads Earth’s Project 66 Satellite Program.

Nation Changes:

“The Nation of Canada has voted to pledge its allegiance to France. It will provide troops to serve in the newly-formed Army of Europe, Division of France.

“Russian has annexed Ukraine. Ukraine officials announced yesterday they will not seek to reverse the annexation, and are pleased to be part of the great nation of Russia.

“The United States has filed the appropriate paperwork with the United Nations to annex the nation of Mexico. The Border Wall between the two nations is being removed.”

Space News:

“Russia has admitted to cooperating with the United States on launching four spaceships to place DNA-altered humans into other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy to expand Earth’s presence in the Universe. No legal action will be taken by the United Nations on this issue.”

Planet Happenings:

“The approaching asteroid of 2036 is uniting the planet. The world stands together today to face down its mutual foe in six years.

“Until the Asteroid Crisis has been averted, residents of Earth are ordered to preserve all resources. Nations are ordered to suspend all elections. All areas of war must be neutralized.

“Executive President of Turkey has approved the removal of Noah’s Ark from Mount Arafat and has pledged to rebuild it in Jerusalem.

“The Garden of Eden in Southern Mesopotamia, in Iraq, has been located. Master Cohen has sent in exploratory teams to assess the healing potential of thousands of mysterious plants that are growing there. The location of the garden is being kept under Top Secret by the United Nations.

“The world’s economy is improving. There are no longer third world countries on Planet Earth. Jobs are being created, knowledge is exploding, and wealth is increasing.

“All religions that do not register with the United Nations are illegal.”

I’m overwhelmed. There’s only so much concerning information I can take in a single sitting. As I look down to read the information on the back of my ticket, I hear a muffled laugh spreading through the audience. I look to the screen where people are pointing. The final screen seems to be frozen. I see the reason for the reaction. The final slide reads:

“Master Anna Cohen is the Devil!”

Anna hears the crowd reaction and reads the screen from her dressing room. She darts out of her room and demands to know “what practical joker messed with the media presentation.”

“That would be me… Whoops.”

Former demon, and newly reinstated angel, Kali, steps out from behind the curtains. Anna’s mouth hangs open in shock.

“Oh, and I’m back.”


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