6 Lucie

January 4, 2029, Hades, Center Earth


Lucie leans over the brimstone to get a closer look at the image just arrived from the surface. She drops her long black fingernails on the stones one-by-one. Click. Click. Click. “They have the Soldier,” she says to no one in particular. Kali stands over her boss’s right shoulder. She says nothing. Over the years, she has learned not to speak unless asked a direct question. She knows the foggy image will unhinge Lucie. She braces herself for the verbal tirade sure to come.

Taking a step back and straightening her six-foot, lean figure, Lucie flips her waist-length hair off her shoulders to hang down her back. Today, her hair is fittingly red and full of ringlet curls. She rubs her hands together—as is her habit when she is conjuring up evil. She brings them up to rest on the large pillows of her glossed lips, which today, are painted black.

She narrows her eyes, their color morphing from brown to yellow as she clenches her teeth. Her yellow eyes signify hate—and her hate is unparalleled. She sees it as her duty, and privilege, to hate every single creature on Earth. “This soldier, Grayson, is the one they’ve chosen. They took him in through the back entrance, hoping we wouldn’t notice. Idiots! They should know by now we don’t miss the details. The countdown has begun. We must get everyone into position. The strategy is about to change.”

Lucie turns to glare at Kali. “Get the Lead Demons into my chambers immediately! I have seven years to rule the world, and I will not lose a single minute.” She pivots on her high-heeled boots, revealing the razor-sharp blades that line the back of them. Her tail stretches long behind her as she moves towards the door. Its stinger tip is aglow—ready to strike. She wears a white bodysuit that clings to her perfect form. Kali has to admit, Lucie is as beautiful as she is evil. Her stunning beauty is something she negotiated before the Great Game began.

Stopping at the threshold, Lucie faces Kali a second time. “Do it now!” This time, the words leave her mouth laced with flames. Kali bows and quickly slithers up the stairs to the Communications Tower. Kali hates her boss and her slave-like leadership style. For now, there are no options for escaping. Lucie can have her tortured eternally if she is not pleased with her performance. She’s not about to be her next victim.

Kali pushes open the heavy gate to the large viewing screens used for communicating with the surface. The other six Lead Demons are on  special assignment to Earth’s surface, so she will need to call them back for Lucie’s meeting. They will be indignant, of course. Once inside the tower, she taps the stone caps to open visual communication with them on a shared channel. “Chambers, now!” she snaps.

Their response is typical. Abaddon smirks, Lilith spits in her direction, Valentina gives her the middle finger, Azazel turns her back, Amy triple snaps her fingers in mockery, and Jezebeth voices a sarcastic, “Yes, your ‘Lowness.’” Kali hates them too. It is a stiff competition between the seven. Each wants as much power as possible and the opportunity to do as much damage as “demonly possible” on Earth. Since they are all bound to the confines of this forsaken place, hate is all they have.


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