45 History

The hologram comes to life. We watch stars with darkness and then a fast progression of something coming into form. I’m not sure exactly what we are seeing. I am half-watching the image and half watching Seneca as he paces. “You’re watching the formation of the galaxy home to planet Earth. Scientists refer to this galaxy as ‘The Milky Way.’ Soon, you’ll see the sun and the twelve planets that circle it coming into formation.”

I glance at our group scientist, Seiko. She already has her hand up. “Excuse me, Seneca—twelve planets?”

Seneca walks towards her seat. “This is going to be an interesting day for you, Seiko. There are many scientific revelations coming your way. Don’t take it personally if you learn a thing or two. Science on Earth has been evolving since the beginning of time. Your profession has done a fine job of discovery, even as the governments of Earth have tried to get you to sell out. Yes, there are twelve planets—one for each of the tribes of Israel.”

“And, what would you say to my astrophysicist friends back on Earth who say they have only identified eight planets and one dwarf planet?”

“I’d tell them to keep looking.” Seneca grins big.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

“You know, Seiko, that’s exactly what Grayson asked me the first day he arrived here. I’ll answer you the way I answered him. Yes Ma’am, I certainly am.”

“It’s so beautiful!” Kimmy runs her fingers through the light image. “Almighty sure used a lot of colors in His creation. If my lab buds were here, we’d mentally dissect the colors for you. I wish they were here to see this.”

“Be careful with your wishing. You have more power to make things happen here than you did on Earth. You’re closer to the source—if you catch my drift.” Seneca smiles.

Kimmy laughs at Seneca’s humor. “I understand. This image is amazing, Seneca. I want to put it on slow motion and study it detail by detail. I think I could spend years studying creation and all the laws of nature and physics at play.”

“You’ll have plenty of time for that after the Mission. In fact, there’s a group of scientists here who do little more than study this model. They enjoy connecting the dots of ‘string theory.’ I’ll introduce you to them once the dust settles after the war.”

“This is another ‘pinch me’ moment—it’s too good to be true. Can I ask a question?”

“Sure, fire away.”

“What was the timespan of the Evolution? Wait, I guess the proper question is, what was the timespan of the Creation?”

“There’s no need to correct your question, Kimmy. You can use the e-word here. We don’t mind. That’s one of the top ten questions asked by people who arrive here. Evolution and Creation coexist. The time span is irrelevant. When Almighty spoke the original matter into existence, time didn’t exist. He caused the ‘Big Bang’ that set things in motion. On Earth, scientists have used various tools to establish a time measurement method. These are certainly helpful for understanding cause and effect—as well as how all matter interacts—but it isn’t necessary to prove Creation. Simply stated, ‘Big Bang’ is Creation, and surviving is ‘Evolution.’ You are watching a reproduction of Earth’s evolution right now. Soon, you will see the first animals and humans.”

Seiko steps closer to the image. “I’m going to jump in here if it’s ok. Who has the numbers right —the Scientists who say this process took millions of years, or the Creationists who say it took six days?”

“They are equally correct; remove time from the equation. The earliest parts of Evolution occurred outside of the space-time continuum. Earth’s scientists have the sequence of Evolution figured out. The timeline isn’t as important as they think. The laws of physics were established by Almighty, but they weren’t applied until the fourth phase of Creation. Time was applied after the firmament of the galaxy was created.

“Almighty continued to exist outside these laws But man would eventually measure time by Earth’s relationship to the movement of the Sun and the moon. No one can deny Evolution. Every molecule on Earth, as well as the galaxy, continues to change and evolve. It is how we survive extinction and thrive in challenge. The survival of the fittest is an ever-running model. The galaxy is very efficient when it comes to expending energy. When it comes to humans, it doesn’t support superfluous body parts. If an organ is no longer needed for survival, the body will stop producing it.

“An example would be wisdom teeth. As the diets of homo sapiens changed from raw meats and grainy vegetables, their jaws got smaller and their brains got larger. Two generations ago, the third molars, or ‘wisdom teeth,’ were often impacted. The smaller jaw line left no room in the mouth for the last set of molars. They locked in sideways and more often than not, had to be surgically removed. Eighty-five percent of adults had their wisdom teeth removed in those years. Jump ahead one generation, and you find ten to twenty-five percent of people who didn’t develop one to four of their wisdom teeth. In the next generation, they pretty much cease to exist. This is evolution.”

The image in the hologram keeps spinning and coming into form. The planets move to the underside of Earth and disappear from our view. The Earth is the only thing left in the hologram. It keeps molding and changing like a clay model on the spindle. Waters form around a single body mass of land with little topography. Most of the land is even. “Maybe this is where man got the idea the Earth was flat,” Liam jokes.

Through the 3D imaging, we zoom through the Earth’s atmosphere. Our view tightens further to a beautiful garden with streams of clear water and the greenest plants I’ve ever seen. “I’ve got five dollars on this being the Garden of Eden.” Sterling is back to himself. I, for one, was missing his sarcasm.

Adam and Even walk and talk as they share some fruit from a shrub. They are completely naked. We watch the scene unfold. From where Liam and I stand, only their bare bottoms are showing. Liam calls out to Tony on the opposite side of the hologram. “Hey Tony, want to switch sides?” The question sends the entire group into hysterics.

“What? Oh, come on!” says Liam. “Every person in this room wants to see what the perfect man and woman look like. Don’t even pretend you aren’t curious to see if they have a belly-buttons.”

“It’s beautiful to watch creation happen in front of your eyes,” chides Seneca.” I never grow weary of it. I wanted you to see the sheer power of Almighty. He’s capable of breathing all of this into existence.”

We are interrupted by a blast of bright light into the room. It cuts in to an open area and hits a spot on the floor like a sword. Immediately after the light, we hear the roaring of thunder. “Is there a storm in the area?” Kimmy asks slowly.

“No, Michael is approaching.” Seneca lowers onto one knee and bows his head to the spot where the light hit.

The team looks at me in bewilderment “I guess it’s time to show our respect for His Highness, Archangel Michael. Everyone, please bow.” I give the strangest order of my career to troops preparing to save the world.


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