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May 15, 2028, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA.


Anna Cohen pulls back the sheer white curtain to get a glimpse of the audience she’ll be addressing in thirty minutes. The seats are filling in nicely—with the exception of the ones reserved for the Harvard Law School Class of 2028. The new graduates are slowly settling back in from lunch and the diploma ceremony. The Tercentenary Theatre will be full by the time she takes the stage.

Anna is very pleased to be back on the stage of her alma mater, just seven years after receiving her law degree. She is now a highly regarded defense attorney and so has silenced those who accused her of coasting on the privilege of her parents and natural beauty. In seven years of practicing law, she has not lost a single criminal case. She is the litigator to fear in Washington. No one can equal her skills in analyzing motives, anticipating defenses, and guiding witnesses to give the very testimony she needs to win a case.

In the last eighteen months, Anna won three high-profile murder cases, including one for a seated U.S. Senator who should have gone against her client. Her specialty is creating reasonable doubt within the jury in order to block a unanimous conviction.

The media’s attention on the three high-profile cases earned the young attorney a cult following both on social media and with the Press. Her fans started a Twitter account where they comment on her defense tactics and acquittals. They refer to her as the Spin Master. When Anna walks on stage these days, the audience stands up and chants Spin Master until she silences them with her signature move: lowering her forehead onto the bend of her arm. The motion has gone viral to mean, “I accept you and respect your message.” She is fine with the temporary title, but looks forward to the day when “Spin” is dropped from the title.

Anna plans to shock people today with her words. She is a highly effective orator, and knows it. She is fearless and has a clear agenda. Her goal is to provoke the audience to question the role of religion in sculpting laws and inciting wars. There will be an attack on status quo thinking. She will repeat her message until the audience releases what they came here believing. There minds will be open vessels for her to refill with a new belief system—her belief system.

Anna knows she has a gift for sensing when people entertain doubt. That’s when she strikes, whether speaking one-on-one or in front of an audience of thirty thousand. She knows people leave her programs with a sense of invincibility. Some say it is like taking cocaine for the first time. They feel enlightened and desire to share Anna’s way of thinking with others.

The Millennial Generation practically worships Anna. They’re thirty-two to forty-five-year-olds now, and are independent thinkers—but capable of bonding together to create a global movement in a matter of hours. They demand control of their lives. They distrust authority—especially leaders of government and religion. For Anna, they are the perfect vessels.

Anna’s popularity is spiking outside of the United States as well. Even in non-English speaking countries, she has millions of fans. Her Twitter following is the largest in the world—187 million and growing. This Commencement Address at Harvard is the first one booked by the new public relations company she hired to handle her overwhelming communication.

In six months, she’s become the most sought-after speaker in the world. She accepted the Harvard invitation for two reasons: first, the prestigious university is a hothouse for breeding new ideology. Speaking here gives credibility to her message. Second, her acceptance forced the cancellation of the previously booked speaker—Tim Crenshaw, CEO of One World Religion (OWR), a pseudo-Christian group that hopes to “evangelize the world.” Anna detests Tim and OWR. She questions the agenda of a group that has a separatist religion as their internal guidance system.

It is not that Anna does not believe in religion. On the contrary, she is religion’s biggest fan. She sees it as the most effective tool for controlling people. Truth be told, establishing a religion is exactly what she’s doing. Unlike OWR, Anna wants a religion one with the governments of the world. She knows in order to unite the masses, a leader must mesh religion and government. Ironically, to entice members, she will have to call it anything but a religion. Organized religion has a bad reputation. No matter, she will find the way to make it work. After all, she is the master of spinning.

In addition to getting people to follow a religion not called a religion, she knows she will also need to convince the entire world that a woman is capable of leading them. World dominance will require her to reach all nationalities and cultures—not just the ones who already perceive the sexes to be equal.

She needs a platform with staying power. Most successful men fall from power long before they die. Their pattern is to become corrupt, greedy, and selfish by the time they reach fifty. When given absolute power, the first thing these men usually do is gather a harem of young women—and sometimes, young men—to use and abuse. The last thing they usually do before they lose their power is to trust the wrong man, often one they hired.

Anna will be different. She will not look to any man’s ideas on religion including Mohammad, Jesus, or the Pope. She is biding her time until she labels her movement. Since Millennials have a problem with organized religion, she will flow with the generation’s sentiment until she breaks apart the world’s prominent organized religions by offering them something better.

The plan will be to lure these young adults away from active worship at a Mosque, Church, or Synagogue. Once she orphans them from a parenting religion, as well as a place to worship, she knows they will be ripe for the picking—her picking.

Anna has specific goals, as well as a timeline: She will increase her fanbase to one billion over the next three years. She is set to meet with the Pope to mesh her ideology with the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics. The new Pope, Robert Kellan of the United Kingdom, recently expressed interest in a world cultural movement. His vision is the establishment of a universal core value system containing the basic ideologies of every religion. He wants violence between the religions to end, and to act before there is a worldwide holy war.

Anna recognizes a benefit in helping the Pope draft and publicize his ideologies through Mandates. It will give her the exposure and credibility she needs. She knows just how to camouflage the loss of rights within the promise of peace and prosperity.

After she gets the Pope preaching her message, she will meet with the leaders of Islam’s 1.6 billion followers, and the Supreme Court of Israel—whose decisions govern Judaism’s twenty million members. She is confident she knows exactly how to sell her ideology across cultures. She expects the combined 1.1 billion Protestants and Eastern Orthodoxy followers will join to avoid another world war, and the possible nuclear annihilation of humanity. Her platform of peace will convince the followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism to join with her within a year.

Anna is going to do something most think to be impossible: She is going to bring the largest religions to the “peace table” to cooperate with the world’s political leaders. The timing is perfect.

Christianity is growing rapidly, but the denominations within Christianity are pushing away from each other. Many water down their Christian message to keep the seats filled. Islam is also growing rapidly. It’s the religion to watch. It is thriving in spite of its radical wing, the Islamic State, committing acts of horrific terrorism in Europe, Africa, and the United States.

Islam is the fasting-growing religion in the world. The main reasons for its growth ultimately involve simple demographics. Muslims are very fertile. They have more children than members of the seven other major religious groups. Even in countries where the religions are mixed, Muslims bear more children.

The average age of the followers of Islam is a young thirty-three—making them both “movement-minded Millennials” and “reproductive-ready” adults. The population explosion of Muslims will be a convincing reason to get the Christians and Jews to take a seat at the negotiation table.

Anna is sure she is the one to mediate this movement—and she has known this since the day she turned thirteen. Her parents still refer to what happened that day as an “episode.” They had her tested to find a possible medical cause. They should have known better. She has flawless DNA. Nothing can ever be wrong with her. Anna knows exactly what happened to her that day: She began sharing her body with a demonic spirit named Lucie. Lucie makes her invincible in every possible way. Anna smiles as she feels her returning. Lucie is just in time to help with Anna with her speech.



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