56 Evil

A quick shiver runs down Lucie’s spine when the lights flicker. Though she tries to hide it, she is uneasy in the presence of Almighty. After all, He created her. He created everything and everyone. No one can stand before Almighty and not feel the weight of that truth. She is the only created being who can call a meeting with Him. She was given this privilege because she is both made by Him and from Him. Soon, all of humanity will understand the importance of her existence—as well as their own. They will finally understand the evil that brought such pain into their lives.

For the most part, humans don’t think too deeply into the origin of evil—this is fine with her. They will shudder when they learn evil was created by Almighty. If they subscribe to the goodness of their Creator, they tend to believe evil just appeared and started to attack the good. They’ll probably gasp in disbelief when they learn their “Lucifer” is not as far removed from Almighty as they want to believe. In truth, she is often in His presence. Mostly, she is there to accuse Him of some trumped-up injustice. She also likes to show up when one of the Creator’s prized followers gives into temptation and falls off their “holier-than-thou” pedestals.

Lucie is going to miss the debates on the interpretation of the scriptures, the plight of humans, and the laws of Heaven and Earth. Even if His followers aren’t privy to all the communication between the two, they ignore the reason why some of their conversations are recorded in the pages of their religious books. These highly cryptic conversations between good and evil are there to give man insight to the close relationship between the opposing sides of Almighty. Man chooses to ignore it.

Even though some religions deny a “living being” such as Lucie exists, man instinctively knows evil is real. Even though he may not know much about evil, he fears its source. Many fear they won’t be strong enough to battle the “dark side” should it come for them. Others live in denial, hoping their positive energy will ward off any evil lurking about. Even those who believe an intelligent mind is directing evil mistakenly think it’s a “him.”

Lucie steps in front of one of the atrium’s many mirrors to admire her perfect female form with its prized tail. Here she stands—the galaxy’s most powerful source of evil—discreetly contained in an apparently harmless female body. It isn’t imperative for man to have this tidbit of information. It works in her favor that no one suspects a woman to be the Antichrist. It will allow her to slip onto Earth and seize control while people are looking in the other direction for a man.

Lucie runs her hand over her taut derriere and down to the razor-sharp tip of her tail. Yes, man will be fooled by her and his own ignorance. He will not suspect her because he cannot visualize a woman in the role of ultimate evil and power. For all the stories told about and attributed to Almighty’s various civilizations, the “sexist thing” will be uniquely Earth’s. Given its problematic outcome, it’s doubtful Almighty will repeat the male/female relationship in the future.

Not that Earth and its dueling sexes was a mistake. Earth is Almighty’s masterpiece. Nothing in the universe compares to its level of energy and vigor. Earth was never tranquil—it burned in turmoil and never ceased to demand attention. Lucie concluded all this activity was rooted in the battle of the sexes. After all, love between species was first felt on Earth’s surface. Loyalty was born here when the opposite sexes divided into couples to experience intimacy. Tolerance of individualism became a staple of survival when opposite sexes began living together. Though not always pleasant, these things were improvements over the civilizations that preceded Earth. One thing is for sure: after Earth, the Universe will never be the same.

Lucie walks to one of the few objects kept in the Atrium—a replica of Earth. The suspended, spinning ball has changed over the centuries to reflect the changes of the planet. The land has pulled apart. It’s now separated by oceans. Ice covers the caps and intense heat holds the deserts captive. All these changes came from the fall of the water canopy that once surrounded the planet. Almighty’s anger over sin in the day of Noah led him to drop the canopy to earth, causing a worldwide flood. When the waters subsided, Earth had newly-seeded oceans, proving once again that purges of Almighty always result in regeneration.

Lucie sets the globe spinning with her long blue fingernails. All of this should have been hers. When she invoked the Angel Revolt, her goal was to claim Earth as her home. Almighty wouldn’t allow it. He said the planet was too beautiful to ruin. He shared his plans to produce a higher species to inhabit it—one that would be populated with “environmental caretakers.” Ha! He overestimated humans. They’ve almost destroyed Earth with their disregard of the damage done by pollution and their greed-infused stripping of its resources. She lifts her face to the ceiling in frustration and speaks to the empty space above her. “Is it any wonder why I despise the human race?”

As the spinning ball begins to slow, Lucie concedes the timing is right to end life on Earth. Man has begun to think bigger in the scientific realm, yet smaller in the spiritual one. As far as Almighty goes, there is nothing more for him to gain by bargaining for more time. The people of Earth are in pain, and she is the reason. Her strategies have left man struggling to feel Almighty’s most basic gifts of love and relevancy. She has driven a wedge between men and women by undermining trust and playing to pride. Intimate relationships have all but disappeared. Most of Earth’s inhabitants consider themselves to be lonely, even though they live on a planet generously populated by ten billion people.

Because of Lucie’s games of smoke and mirrors, today’s man is little more than a robotic shell with a limited capacity for love, loyalty, and belief in a “greater power.” This is the very outcome Almighty was trying to avoid by infusing free will into man in the first place. For Lucie, this irony is worthy of a good laugh. She enjoys one at His expense and raises her head so her laughter will echo into the heavens.

As she turns to head to the middle of the room, she slams the tip of her tail onto the model and sets the ball into a dizzying spin. From now on, there will be no one to hold her accountable for her deceptions. There will be no one with the authority to stop her from twisting the laws to enslave the people of Earth.

She expects a smooth sailing until the midpoint of the seven years, when Almighty will take His followers home to remove them from harm’s way. Once the believers are removed, Hades’ demons will rise from the center of the Earth to join in the depravity. It will be Sodom and Gomorrah all over again. Lucie has longed for the sinful cities to be rebuilt since the day they were destroyed. Ironically, this seven-year reign she has been granted is a direct result of Almighty’s destruction of those cities of the plain.

In that day, Almighty was angry with the two cities for desecrating his beautiful valley along the banks of the Jordan River with their alternative lifestyles and failure to care for the land he had gifted to Abraham. Their sin seemed to have no boundaries. The wealthy men of the cities played cruel games on the poor to mock them in their desperate financial condition. They taunted the vulnerable widows and their children when they begged for food and shelter. Their bullying went unchecked by the courts and kings that gave preferential treatment to the wealthy and powerful.

As they were in a time of peace and prosperity, the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah relaxed their laws. The citizens had free reign. The raping of men and women, weekly citywide orgies, bestiality, and sex with children were commonplace. There were only a few compassionate or respectable men living within the city walls. The citizens considered themselves to be the “enlightened ones,” and were proud of being the party cities of their time.

After one depraved incident involving two of Heaven’s angels staying the night in Sodom, Almighty went into action. Instead of dealing with the people patiently, he rained down localized destruction as never before. The cities were destroyed in a single night, and by morning only piles of ashes remained. There was nothing, and no one, left. Lucie was livid over losing her personal playground. This was the one place where she felt at home. The people freely entertained all types of sin—economic, religious, and sexual. Greed and selfishness were the staples of their existence. Lucie would walk their streets unnoticed and participate in their dark festivities for the three hours she was allowed on Earth. It was all taken from her in a single night—and all because Almighty lost His temper.

Even as the smoke was still rising from the destroyed cities, Lucie was waiting for Almighty in the Holy Atrium. She accused him of overreach for destroying the people and their cities in a fit of rage. She argued the people of the cities were not given their day of repentance—nor warned of the penalty of their actions. She named other cities openly engaging in similar sins not being punished to this extent. She blamed the holy men of the cities for not doing their jobs properly. She argued Almighty should have sent prophets to teach, rather than angels to destroy.

When Almighty went silent, Lucie knew she had Him. One of the conditions of the Game is “no localized destruction for sinful actions without a call to repentance.” Almighty conceded. Lucie knew exactly what she wanted for winning this round—a time to rule on earth without His interference. He agreed to give her a period of seven years—the amount of time needed to rebuild the destroyed cities. She chose the last seven years of the planet’s existence for her reign. He reserved the right to protect his followers from her wrath and depravity by taking them from the Earth at the halfway point.

Most of the men who turn to Almighty during Lucie’s second-half reign will be martyrs for their faith. Once identified as a worshiper of Almighty, they will be the target of torment by Lucie and her demons. If captured, their fate will be worse than the one the Jews experienced in the Holocaust. Hitler himself will be released from his chains to direct the treatment of the prisoners. The only reply from the heavens will be a raining down of curses on all who inhabit Earth. Singing and celebration in the Heavens will cease until the seven bloody years have ended.

Almighty mourned his loss, but He knew it was the right thing to do. It was too early for the Great Game to end. Most people on the planet were His followers, and many others were turning to Him daily.

With heavy hands, the angels carved the details of this negotiation into the Golden Tablets.


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