94 Deception

April 20, 2029, Atop Devils’ Tower, Crook County, South Dakota


“Lilith, bring the meeting to order.” Anna tries to distract from her late arrival to the mountain top by sounding authoritative.

“What? Why me?”

“Seriously? You are a Lead Demon to the current Master of Earth, and you are hesitating to step up? You are on Devils’ Tower for Pete’s sake. Stop being a child and rise to the occasion!”

Lilith rolls her eyes. “Whatever. Okay, group: This person is Anna Cohen. Lucie is inside her. Anna is Lucie’s possessed body. I, for one, think this model is a big improvement.” The other Lead Demons snicker at Lilith’s snide comment. “So, she’s really Lucie and she wants me to start the meeting. So, listen up!

“Azazel, put away your disgusting bugs or we are going to wear half of them home on the bottoms of our shoes. Jezebeth stop messing with your mangy hair. Your rear is what we must look at during these meetings, and believe me, you don’t have enough hair to cover it. Abaddon, stop playing war games on your Gameboy. We’re beginning to worry that you are going to lead us into war using animated strategy. Amy, sit up straight. You look like you’re going to die before we get out of here—and no one wants to clean that up. Valentina, drink up. This is the first time you’ll be having clean water at one of these meetings. Kali filled your bottles with toilet water for a year.”

Valentina spits out a mouthful of clean water. “What? That’s disgusting! Where is that pathetic one-woman suicide squad?”

While Valentina continues her gagging and tongue-washing, Lilith turns to Anna.

“How was that?”

“It was barely acceptable, but I don’t have time to quibble with children. Have a seat. Where is Kali?”

No one answers.

“Very well, I’ll rephrase the question so that even the low IQs in the room can understand it. Where is Lead Demon Kali?”

Again, no one answers. Anna grabs a handful of Lilith’s long hair and pulls it hard. “It’s still me, fools. Stop ignoring me. I’m going to ask one more question, and it better be answered. When was the last time any of you saw Kali?”

Lilith squirms under the pain. “We haven’t seen her since you took her to Jerusalem.”

Anna releases Lilith’s hair and begins to pace. “That’s concerning. She didn’t respond when I summoned her. She is carrying my Crystalline. I had an episode yesterday that made me weak in the knees. I must find out if my crystallized body has been damaged.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a ‘personal problem’ to me.” Lilith mocks Anna’s concern. Not one of the six demons has the courage to tell Anna what they found on the ground near the portal in Jerusalem. They all wonder what happened to her body, but don’t care enough to think on it any deeper.

Anna is too preoccupied to notice the Lead Demons are exchanging knowing looks. She paces in front of them while she plots her next move. “Amy, take the Portal to the desert in Jerusalem. Look around the entrance of the cave where the Ark of the Covenant was found. If she’s not there, check in my office at the Temple in Jerusalem. If you find Kali, bring her back here immediately. The rest of you, sit up and listen. We are about to unleash Hell on Earth and I need everyone at the top of their game. We are going to rain down pure evil on this planet. Humans are going to pay up for robbing me of my right-hand position with Almighty and for robbing us of my rightful home.” Anna stops to stare at Amy.

“Amy, why are you still here? I gave you a direct order!” Amy gets out of her chair slowly and groans with every step she takes. The group detests the slow pace of the Demon of Health. They see it as one of her many tactics to try and create sympathy. After her snail’s pace gets her to the entrance of the portal, she turns her head to say something to the other Lead Demons. As she opens her mouth to speak, Anna lifts her booted foot and kicks Amy’s bottom—tossing her head first into the portal. The Lead Demons break into a laugh so great that it echoes down the valley.

Once they calm, Anna begins again. “Alright team, back to the business at hand. I am sure Kali has defected. She’s not in Hades, and she’s not welcomed in Heaven, so I suspect she has gone rogue on Earth. If any of you see her, detain her. I will reward handsomely for her capture. I no longer need her services, but I don’t want her running around Earth giving man a false hope for redemption while I reign.”

Valentina raises her hand to speak. “Technically, Lucie, Almighty will still take them in if they call out to him—and we are forbidden to interrupt any communication between men and the Creator.”

Anna tosses her hair behind her back and walks towards the Demon of Relationships. “Valentina, you should know by now what can happen to a Lead Demon, or anyone else, who contradicts me. You are not to correct me again, do you understand? And, stop calling me Lucie. I’m Anna now.”

Valentina nods in agreement, but as soon as her boss’ back is turned, she gives her the middle finger.

“Alright, here are your orders: Kali is out. She managed low self-esteem, hopelessness, and suicide. None of these things matter now. The gates to both Heaven and Hell are closed to humans for seven years. People will try to commit suicide, but they will not succeed. Instead, they will be forced to live with the damage they do to their bodies with their failed attempts. It’s what they deserve for trying to escape my kingdom.

“Though we don’t need to split up Kali’s Lead Demon duties, I am still in need of a Personal Assistant, so I’m promoting another demon to take Kali’s place. She will oversee my most secret project.” Anna directs the attention of the demons to the portal. “I believe all of you know Sabrina.”

As they look to the portal, out steps the most hated demon of the underworld. She has been physically transformed into a rare beauty in accordance with Almighty’s agreement to make all of Lucie’s Lead Demons beautiful. Sabrina is dark from head to toe. She has long black hair, ebony skin, and shiny black eyes. As usual, she is dressed in black from head to toe and is carrying her trademark black steel pole. She uses the pole to protect herself and to put people into trances—at least, that’s what she tells people. And it’s partially true. The rest of the story is she has a severely injured knee that won’t heal. Lucie inflicted the wound with a kick of her boot blade when Sabrina questioned her decision to make Hades into a torture chamber for humans. The pole she carries helps her to hide her disability when she walks.

As the Lead Demons stare at Sabrina’s overdone makeup, they’re in awe of her fierce looks. Her face has strong features that mesmerize her admirers. Her eyes are large and almond shaped with a slight upturn at the corners. Her cheekbones are high and pointed, chin is extended and dimpled, and her lips black and voluptuous. Even Abaddon’s mouth drops open at the sight of her life-long nemesis.

Though none of them have ever thought about who would take the place of an errant Lead Demon, the choice of Sabrina does make sense. There’s no doubt she has a deep-seated hatred of mankind—especially those doing good things. She’s the one who causes the freak accidents on Earth that kill good people in unexplainable ways. She alone is the answer to “why bad things happen to good people.” Her stories could, and do, fill a book in Hades.

She’s the only demon who doesn’t care if her victims are Almighty’s or Lucie’s. She doesn’t discern the difference between the two, nor does she care about Lucie and Almighty’s end game. She simply wants to destroy joy and good men on the planet. After checking out Sabrina from head to toe, the other demons send each other looks of disapproval. It is obvious that they are not happy with Anna’s choice.

Anna begins to defend her decision. “I don’t care what any of you think of Sabrina. She has two qualities that will make her effective on a sinful planet that is ripe for an infusion of evil. She is physically stunning, and she lacks emotion. She moves with black logic rather than pure hatred. These qualities make her the perfect choice of Personal Assistant—because unlike the rest of you, she cannot be outwitted. If you have a problem with my Sabrina, I don’t care. No one is expendable on the Lead Demon team.

“Amy will be back soon and will be empty-handed. I sensed yesterday that Kali was gone, so I had Sabrina prepared to replace her. I sent Amy to Israel just to see if she can figure out what has happened to Kali and to my Crystalline. Since she speaks so slowly, I’ll use this opportunity to tell you the Tribulation plans for the Demon of Disease.

“In the first phase, Amy is going to unleash leprosy and rabies on Earth—spread through domesticated animals. It will be entertaining to watch pet owners forced to choose between putting their pets to death and dying themselves. It will be like Old Yeller vs. Cujo, and we will have a front seat to watch the simple-minded people die. This phase will leave many people heart-broken and lonely. It will also get the pets out of our way in case our police state needs to get to their owners.

“In phase two, Amy will unleash four diseases heavily-guarded in the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. She will release Ebola, cholera, Marburg fever, and smallpox. We chose the most densely-populated cities of the world for the outbreaks. The panic will be incredible.

“Rest assured, we won’t allow too many people to die. Our strategy is to weed out the few so the many will be consumed with fear—the end game is to profit from them. These four illnesses have cures, and I own them. When the time is right, I will sell them to the highest bidders.

“I chose the diseases best for isolating people—highly contagious. I want people to be afraid to assemble, travel, and go outside. Once the people are forced to sit still, I’ll have their attention through the communication channels I control; the internet and broadcast news. At first, I’ll pretend to be empathetic to their condition. This is when I will restore hope in the world by selling cures to their governments.

“Phase three of the health strategy will utilize the greatest weapon ever created on Earth—not even its early designers knew its full potential. The scientists of Humanetics in Southern Israel have isolated sequences in the germlines in the cultures of man and have created DNA-based diseases. These diseases are always fatal and highly selective. Only a few of the world’s elite leaders and dignitaries know this technology exists. Once the potential of this weapon is made known to the public, every war engagement we’ve seen in the Middle East since 1948 will make sense—even to the most passive observer of world events.

“DNA-based diseases are one of the great discoveries of the Jewish people. Evil outsiders want to take this biology from Israel and make it into a weapon of war. This is the thing Israel has been defending with its massive military buildup. The United States has been standing with Israel and defending her in hopes of sharing in the regards of the science. It’s through this DNA-based directed attack I will extract my revenge on the race of people I most need to neutralize—Middle-Easterners.

“I will release a disease that will only affect those who have at least seventy-five percent Middle Eastern DNA germline—the descendants of Ishmael. I need to get these obstructionists out of my way. Many of their extremists are running amok with no objective other than killing Europeans and Americans. I can’t allow disturbed humans to be unleashing horrific terrorist attacks when I am trying to get them to fear me. These people have proven over and over they are completely comfortable with dying for their faith. They do not fear me. This makes them dangerous to my mission. They will not bow down to me if they’re bowing down to Allah five times a day. I must take them out.

“The politically-correct science and disease laboratories will be perplexed when they cannot find any connection between the victims except their ethnicity. It will take a year for them to admit the disease is only affecting people of Middle-Eastern descent. For some reason, this confused generation will hide truth if they think it will lead to racial profiling and discrimination.

“After the initial year, the liberal governments will brand the disease as a ‘hate virus’ purposely-designed to eliminate Muslims from the planet. Six months after that declaration, the world will point a finger at the United States. In its defense, the U.S. will publish conspiracy theories that Russia is the real culprit and is trying to shift the blame. This is the planet’s political game as I know it. In the meantime, we’ll be wiping out one-half of my target ethnic group. After we’ve driven hatred between the Christians and the Muslims, I’ll present the cure to stop the deaths. I will be the ‘savior’ of the Muslims who remain, and just like that—I’ll be in.”

Lilith raises her hand. “Excellent plans, Master, but do these antidotes really exist?”

“Finally, an intelligent question, and might I add, your hair looks nice today.” Lilith sits back in her chair, smirks at the other Lead Demons, and runs her hand down her long silky ponytail. “Yes, the antidotes exist for all strains of these diseases inside Eden. I’m the only one who knows how to enter the Garden. We will harvest the plants and roots once the people are desperate. The cost for the cures will bankrupt the people and their nations, especially those who are accustomed to immediate gratification—like the Europeans and the Americans.” Anna takes a bow as the Lead Demons applaud her plans.

“Thank you! I accept your much-deserved approval. Illness is just the beginning of the destruction I will bring to Earth. Here are the directives for each of you: Azazel, release the large locusts and the Bullet Ants you’ve been developing in the rain forests, as well as the new strain of aggressive killer bees you’ve been breeding in Costa Rica. Set the mosquitoes on a rampage throughout Africa. The Malaria they spread is claiming one child every thirty seconds. Let’s double that. BTW, good job on assembling the empty-headed activists who defended the disease-spreading mosquitoes from destruction at the hands of the scientists who developed the cure. I know I lost the bet—but, seriously, I didn’t think you could find activists willing to defend bugs. Proceed with your plan to use mosquitoes to spread Dengue fever, yellow fever, encephalitis, and the West Nile virus. They are so tiny, and yet so deadly. It’s a beautiful combination. Spread your deadly insects wherever you choose. Let’s fill every hospital, medical tent, and health clinic in the world. I want as many people as possible to feel vulnerable—that’s when I will swoop in and save the day.” Azazel grins big and rubs her hands together.

“Valentina, your day is almost here. The waters of the world always cause great devastation when the Earth begins to move. There will undoubtedly be floods and tsunamis. Until the crisis arrives, continue the droughts and pollute what is left. Your goal is to make forty percent of the world’s water unfit for human consumption. That is the point where the people will panic and begin to protect their water reserves with their weapons.” Valentina pulls down a “yes” fist from above her head.

“Jezebeth, continue to disrupt the Money Markets of the world. Play to investor greed until they risk all they have. Use false press releases to entice them into investing in new currency, luxury housing, and technology toys so that the collapse coming to the American and European economies will bring down the ‘big boys.’ Inflate the returns and get them to empty the cookie jars and piggy banks of their families. While I’m selling them false hope, they will be eager to believe that all is good. Then, we will yank the rug out from under them with BEAST. I want 2029 to be the year we celebrate the centennial of the 1929 Stock Market crash with more Americans jumping from rooftops. Let’s aim for a higher number—and add in some Europeans.” Jezebeth gives Anna a salute.

“Lilith, your area is about to see some seriously fertile ground. The Mandates are going to give you tremendous opportunity to destroy relationships between people all over the world. I’m dissolving marriages and giving kids the right to sue their parents, no matter what their life choices. Gather yourself a band of demons who can help you corrupt people while they are in a state of confusion.” Lilith stretches out her arms and cracks her knuckles of her hands and smiles.

“Abaddon, keep preparing the troops in Hades for the Great War that is coming. Review the war strategies with the demons under your leadership. They must be ready to attack swiftly and without hesitation. I do not know the exact moment I will need them, so they must be able to deploy with a 24-hour notice. We are waiting on the Armies of Russia and China to march upon the Middle East and Israel. That is when we will join with them.” Abaddon nods to acknowledge the request.

Just as she finishes her orders, Amy returns from the portal. “I couldn’t find Kali. No one has seen her in your office or in the area of the desert you asked me to search. I did find these things on the ground near the entrance of the portal. Amy pulls a fragment of paper. It is wrapped around what seems to be some broken pieces of glass. From the other pocket, she pulls out the Golden Apple that is split down the middle. She drops them into Anna’s outspread hand. As soon as Anna looks down, she’s paralyzed with fear and shakes all over. She bends over as she struggles to breathe.

“What’s wrong, Anna?” Amy inquires. “What are these things?”

Anna takes a few more steps and then turns to face the group. “The thin paper is a copy of my Ten Commandments. The pieces of crystal are from my crystalline. Both were being protected in a phylactery that Kali was wearing. She has destroyed my satanic body. I am now limited to this human one.”

In her despair, Anna shreds the bit of paper and tosses the crystal pieces over the mountain’s edge. She screams at the top of her voice, “Kali! I curse you! I will have my revenge upon you before I end my rein on Earth!” She doubles over and wraps her arms around her stomach. With saliva dripping from her mouth, she tries to breathe through her pain.

The Lead Demons fully understand the seriousness of the situation. The shattered crystalline makes Anna vulnerable. Her human body comes with an expiration date. And though it’s a perfected body, it gives in to human frailties. Though they know the seriousness of Anna’s situation, not one of them feels any sympathy for her. Instead, they look at each other wondering who will take over when Anna dies.

Once Anna regains her composure, she stands. She refuses to look anyone in the eye. “You have your assignments. Be about them. Sabrina, come with me. We have an event to plan.”

With that, Anna and Sabrina step into the Dimension Portal and are gone. The Lead Demons are in a bit of a daze but leave one by one with their new instructions in hand.

“What are we going to do about her?” Charles Stallings poses the question to the eight members of the Billionaire Elite Club who have shown up for his ‘emergency’ meeting.

“What do you mean? She’s not bothering us, and we really don’t have much of a choice in the matter.” Vice-President Richard Epstein huffs his answer to the President of their group.

Charles turns his back to Richard and walks in the opposite direction even as he curtly addresses him. “You and I both know she’s not ignoring us because she doesn’t know about us. She’s ignoring us because she believes herself to be the greater force.”

I agree with Richard. We all know it’s not a good sign when we are ignored by a world leader.” Greta’s silver curls brush over her shoulders as she looks back and forth between the two men. “We usually force an issue like this with bloodshed. Do we need another war to prove our superiority?”

Richard heads to the liquor cart and pours himself a strong drink, hoping it will drown out the two of them. They always unite against him. Their little affair makes this inevitable. “There can only be one governing body in a unified world. As far as this objective goes, she’s way ahead of us ‘guys.’”

Bill Barton speaks up. “Don’t forget that we still own BEAST. Every day that passes, she’s becoming more and more reliant upon our massive computer. While it’s under her spell, give the U.N. open access and assign some staff members to be available to them 24/7. Customize the features they use and make it as user-friendly as possible. Feed her the data she wants, even if it’s distorted. Remove the expense for the United Nations to extract data from BEAST. Give them unlimited storage space. Once the Mandates have received a respectable compliance, the data she seeks from the citizens is collected and analyzed, and ninety-percent of the microchips are implanted, we will assert our power over her—and take her down.”

“Bill, do you not recall a ceremony in 1948 where the nine of us basically sold our souls to the dark side in exchange for unlimited wealth and power? I highly suspect Anna is the leader of the dark side. She may own us. If she does, she is our Master, and we are finished. Look around this room. We are all in or approaching our eighties—even those of us who consider cosmetic surgery to be ‘good grooming’ and don’t look a day over seventy-two. The game always had an expiration date. We thought we were invincible when we signed this highly idealistic contract in our twenties. Our Ivy League schools and our wealthy families added to our lofty—and unrealistic—expectations.”

Wanda’s voice cracks with fear when she asks the question. “How do we find out if she’s the one, we were foretold would come for us?”

“I say we meet with her and challenge her authority. We will know immediately who we are dealing with. Gene, reach out to her for a meeting.” As the group’s secretary pulls out his cell phone, the back doors of their meeting room burst open.

“That won’t be necessary, ladies and gentlemen. I’m already here—and yes, I am your Master.” Anna walks into the room with her head tossed back and a smirk on her face. Everyone in the room is very familiar with this World’s newest ‘power player.’ They’ve had many discussions about her increasing status with the United Nations; an entity they had ignored since its inception in 1945.

The two organizations were formed three years apart. BECA decide to focus upon controlling economies through war and trade deals rather than concerning itself with government and humanitarian issues. In time, the two began to circle each other, questioning agendas and trying to figure out ‘next moves’—all to ensure that neither would be governed by the other.

Once Anna stands in the center of the small group, she begins her tradition of insulting them. “I see you’re still hitting the booze, Richard. Charles and Greta, how goes the longest affair on Earth? Feeling any guilt yet? Wanda, I see you put your wealth to good use at the cosmetic surgery center in Sweden. It looks like you’re trying to convince your body it’s facing puberty rather than menopause—I’m guessing it knows the truth. My my, Sheila, you look like a melting Supreme Court Judge. Maybe you should let Wanda put you in contact with her surgeon. You have enough extra skin around your neck to fashion a small dog. Drake, Blair, Gavin and Greg—hello, boys, it’s good to see you again. I always forget which two of you are the gay ones?” All four men react in disgust to her comment. “Oh, so there are more than two of you now? Not surprising. It is a sign of the end times, you know?”

Charles takes a step towards Anna. “That’s enough of the insults.” When he reaches her hand to take hold of her wrist, she grabs his arm and twists it behind his back. He calls out in pain. “Have you forgotten who you are dealing with, Charles? I have the power here. You will take whatever insults I send in your direction.” Anna looks at each of the eight members standing with shock on their faces.

As she makes eye contact with each member of the group, a white light flashes from her pupils that burn into their retinas. It’s the same light they saw in Lucie’s eyes decades earlier when they made their agreement with her. She releases Charles from her hold and sends him the white flash to his retina as well. “I believe we have a contract to settle.”

All nine of the members of the Billionaire Elite Club take a seat as their already frail legs go weak with fear. She has seen this empty stare before when she came for the souls of people who had made life deals with her.

“Don’t expect any pity from me. I kept my part of the agreement. You have all been wealthy, healthy, powerful, and beautiful for the full run of your lives. You have been envied by most and have freely extracted blood from those you’ve hated. You may have forgotten how it feels to lose, but it will all come screaming back to you.”

Once Anna has them in a state of dismay, she brings them back to life with a nugget of hope. “All is not lost for you. I am willing to make another deal that could keep your souls out of Hades. I can make this happen if you give me what I want.”

They collectively perk up and hang on her every word. “What is it that you want?” Wanda asks.

“I want the four Galaxy Ships ready for launch in seventy-two hours. I want them sent through the black holes to the coordinates that I gave you—one each to the north, south, east, and west corners of our galaxy just as we agreed in our contract. I want your 12,000 genetically-perfected human embryos in test tubes in the vaults under this building. I want them divided per my instructions and loaded immediately. They leave in less than three days.”

“That’s impossible.” Drake dares to take her on.

“No, it’s not impossible, Drake. Don’t waste my time. Furthermore, you’re the ones out of time. I set the conditions and you will get it done if you care to avoid eternal damnation. As I said, I want all four spaceships ready to launch in seventy-two hours. This is not a request, it is a demand. I am sending a team of demons here to see that this project is done correctly—and finished on time. The rockets will launch in seventy-two hours. No excuses!

“I will need a crew on each ship ranging in ages eighteen to forty-two. The ships will be traveling for four to eight years depending on their destination. Consider this when you select the crew members for the separate destinations.

“You will see each spaceship equipped to launch our Creation program to stimulate life on the new planets. You will ensure there is medical staff and educators on board to work with the children. Begin growing twenty-five percent of the embryos in the simulated wombs at the twenty-five percent travel mark of each ship. The next twenty-five percent will be activated to grow at the fifty percent travel mark of the journey, and the remaining embryos will be implanted into the wombs at the seventy-five percent travel mark. The children will need to be cared for physically and they will need to be educated. Make sure you have a healthy adult-to-child ratio to do the job properly.

“Divide the 12,000 children between the four ships as we discussed. I want Planet #1 colonized with Warriors in the North. I want Planet #2 colonized with Analytics to the East. I want Planet #3 colonized with Idealists to the West, and I want Planet #4 colonized with Samaritans to the South. I am going to grow four very different types of humans to see which is the greater.

“During the flight, only a few staff members need to stay awake. Put the others in suspended life capsules and wake them as needed. We organized this part of the plan at the beginning. I do not want to hear any excuses. It is time to launch.”

“But, how does this give us the second chance you mentioned?” Drake inquires.

“You can have your bodies placed in the few extra suspended life capsules and travel along to the other universes. The new generation can revive you once they reach their destination. You’ll wake up and finish your lives on your new planet. Divide yourselves between the ships. You can each bring one guest with you. I’m not offering anything else. That’s my deal.

“Remember to load my propaganda and my Ten Commandments. Play my records in the laboratory where the developing babies can hear them. Make it mandatory the children begin reading the material about me at the age of three. Make sure the historical records identify me as the only God in the universe. Those who reach the age of five before I arrive and claim my people need to know that I am their leader. They must be told the stories of how I defeated Almighty and his followers on Planet Earth. They must know how I saved their lives by moving them to other galaxies before Planet Earth imploded. They must be given no reason to doubt that I am their ruler. Do you follow what I am saying?”

Gavin sighs. “We will make the preparations as you requested. I’m sure I speak for the group when I say, ‘Thank you for giving us a second chance.’ Respectfully, Anna, may I ask why are you doing this? And, why all the secrecy around what you were planning to do?”

“Yes, you may ask. Almighty did not include the vastness beyond Earth’s atmosphere in the rules of the Great Game. As I see it, the rules do not apply to the rest of the universe. These new civilizations will give me planets to rule once Earth is destroyed. I am disrupting his perfect plan by throwing in some unexpected variables. Plus, Archangel Gabriel is in control of the rest of the Universe. This will upset the perfect life he had planned for himself. Let’s just say he’s not going to retire anytime soon.”

“I went off the grid right after I was handed possession of Earth. I took three days to put this part of my plan together. Before the Angel Revolt, I promised the fallen angels I would not allow them to be sentenced to Hades for all eternity. I also threatened to take out my revenge upon Gabriel recently. As far as your question as to the secrecy, Gavin—certainly you know best no one can be trusted with power, right?”

The others turn to look at Gavin. He lifts his glass to have another sip of bourbon and does not reply. Anna ignores him and brings the attention of the group back to her. “This is my assistant, Sabrina. She’ll be overseeing this project. You will allow her to lead it in every way. Do we understand each other?”

“Yes, Master.” The BECA crew answers in unison.

“There will be many natural disasters coming to Earth—including an impending nasty asteroid— so we must optimize our time. This is one of the reasons I need the rockets ready to launch in seventy-two hours.

“So, you can control the weather and space asteroids now?” Ellen smirks.

“I don’t need to. I know Almighty has been protecting Earth from disasters, especially those from above the atmosphere and from below the surface. There is a reason the other planets of the Milky Way solar system are constantly bombarded with asteroids and are barren of life. Almighty has been protecting Earth. Now that he has removed his hand, there will be many asteroids and slippage of the Earth’s plates under the oceans. Earthquakes and volcano eruptions will be the least of what we will see. Another thing that has ended is the natural regeneration of plants and animals. Decay will stay decay, and will no longer give way to new life as it did in the past. Pity, really.” Anna smirks and laughs. The committee members join her, but Sabrina stands expressionless. No one has ever seen Sabrina show an inkling of a personality.

Anna turns to leave. At the portal entrance, she turns to address the BECA group one last time. “You have all served me well. Most of the men and women of Earth are dissatisfied with their lives. They are empty and they are lonely. This is the charge I gave you, and through greed, arrogance, and sins of the flesh, you brought man right to where I needed him to be. Do not fail me in the end. I am a force you will see again after this Earth has passed. I shall never cease to exist, and I will never concede to Almighty. Of these two things, I am sure.”

Anna leaves the group in Sabrina’s hands and heads to Jerusalem to implement the next part of her plan.


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