11 Cohens

June 16, 1985, Astoria, New York


Enoch Cohen and Sarah Friedman became a Jewish power couple shortly after meeting on the campus of Harvard Law School in 1981. They were both nearing the end of their first year and competing against each other for the coveted position of Sophomore Class President. They were also vying for a position on the staff of the Harvard Review, a well-respected law journal produced monthly by the Harvard Law students. Sarah won the election as well as the editing position.

During the class presidential campaign, Enoch became enamored with Sarah. He crashed her victory party just to ask her out. Sarah laughed when he got down on one knee to extend the invite. She knew if she said yes to him that night, she would say yes to him for the rest of her life. They married in the summer of 1985—one year after both graduating with their law degrees.

Enoch’s hometown of Astoria, New York, was the site of their traditional wedding ceremony. Guests of both the bride and groom traveled from Israel for the grand event. Sarah’s family was from Jerusalem. Enoch’s family was from Nazareth. Both families approved of the union.

As their plane lifted off the next morning for their honeymoon in Egypt, Enoch held Sarah’s hand. He told her they would build a life together that would change the world. He wasn’t sure what it would look like, but with two law degrees between them, and a sizable dowry from Sarah’s family, the possibilities seemed endless.


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