19 Billionaires

January 23, 1996, Humanetics, Washington, D.C.


Dr. Steven Abbott leads the small group to a conference room in the Humanetics Research Center located in the St. Elizabeth’s East area of Washington D.C. The nondescript building—sans signage and protected by high-tech security—leads most local residents to believe it’s just another government facility. It is not. Humanetics, Inc. is a privately-funded company leading the world in the DNA sciences.

The secrets of the work done here are “properly protected” by “improper bribes.” Even the government of the United States cloaks itself from knowing the details of most of the research and live experiments carried out within these walls. This is critical for keeping the human rights advocates from picketing and interrupting. Dr. Abbott knows the most about the operations, but even he does not know the source of the company’s funding. Money just appears into their account from foreign bank wires.

In truth, the money comes from the group of men and women who make up the “hidden-hand” of the world—the Billionaire Elite Club Associates (BECA). They are very aware of Dr. Abbott’s work. Their purpose for funding genetic germline editing is far from noble.

The BECA members divide into three schools of thought: One wants to create a race of people that can use its advanced intelligence in the sciences to adapt to life beyond Earth. They are backing this project for the purpose of breeding superior minds rather than superior bodies. They want perfected human embryos and young adult caretakers loaded into life-suspension chambers and launched via spaceships to the four nearest planets potentially able to sustain human life—and they want it done by 2030.

With Lucie’s insider information, they located the four idyllic planets through four black holes in the quadrants of the Milky Way galaxy where they will place the new societies. Each of the four planets will be distinct, but populated with like-minded embryos. Lucie fancies a competition between the four types of humans to see which one is the “higher power” and which will win the survival of the fittest. To prepare the four planets for their new inhabitants, BECA has scientists working on the Eden Project. The scientists will package the elements of creation to send in advance of the embryo-carrying ships. Their purpose is to impregnate the barren planets with the life-sustaining basics. The perfected race will do the rest once they establish residency.

The second group of BECA wants to create a race of aesthetically-pleasing and anti-aging people. They back this project for physical pleasure and immortality. Their most lofty goal is to find a way to keep cells from expiring—thus, stopping the aging process altogether. They consider themselves the moral ones. They believe in a Creator, and they hypothesize, “If people can live eternally in another dimension alongside the Creator, then the same science must exist within man’s reach.” They believe the ultimate challenge is to bring immortality to man’s current dimension, rather than waiting to be lifted to another one by a “Higher Power.” They have set a date of 2036 as the last year death will be “acceptable” on Earth. The year 2036 is also when the youngest member of the BECA group turns eighty and they collectively face their own mortality. Their contract with Lucie ends when their youngest, Robert, turns eighty on September 22.

The remaining members claim to be the “realists.” They want to create a race of people enhanced with vitality and endurance. They are backing the creation of super warriors for winning wars. They want ultimate power over the planet by synthesizing the human body with artificial intelligence. They intend to build a Utopian society. After the creation of the ultimate robotic-human, they will quest to conquer other species within the galaxy.

BECA is advancing all three projects at the same time, but has formally agreed to fund the super warriors first to attain interplanetary security. The other projects will continue in the laboratories.

All members of BECA agree on two things: First, the nation that possesses this “weapon of science” will rule the planet, as well as the destiny of the human race. As most of the members are Jews, they have selected Israel to be the ruling nation. Second, for the new DNA-engineered race of people to reach its full potential, the current human race needs to be destroyed. A smaller discussion still on the table is whether they should be allowed to die off naturally, or be helped along with genetic-based viruses.

Big plans require little steps. The little step today is to implant the first genetically-perfected baby into a surrogate. Dr. Abbott is the only one who knows this meeting is little more than a formality. Genetic germline editing is much further along than most imagine. The embryo they will be using is already prepared and holding in a suspended state—waiting for this day.

Neither the parents, nor the other specialists involved in the final phase are aware all the decisions for this baby come from decades of scientific experiments. The baby is a perfect female. She has  all of the most coveted human traits—as well as some super-human abilities. She has a genius-level IQ, extra sensory perception (ESP), the ability to levitate, an eidetic memory, and the ability to camouflage to simulate invisibility.

The baby comes from the bloodlines of the two contentious religions of the Middle East—Islam and Judaism. The Chairman of BECA, Scott Geller, hypothesized that the support of this new line of humans would be a tough sell to most nations. He pushed the group to mix religion and science in an attempt to garner universal support. He also convinced them the child needed to be a female. “If we want a real shot that this new race of people will be accepted—rather than tracked down and destroyed—we must make the child appear harmless. We must sell hope and innocence. A perfect baby girl that is non-denominational, and designed with a multi-ethnic DNA, is the only way this can work.” The members of BECA agreed.


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