President Cohen scowls. “You’re telling me a microchip is mentioned in the Bible? Oh, come on—that’s not possible.”

“Well, not exactly a chip, but the book of Revelation does mention in the end times, man will need a mark to buy and sell. It goes on to say the mark will be in the forehead or the hand. To me, that’s detailed—and, from what we’re seeing in Europe, it’s dead-on-accurate. Nearly sixty percent of European adults are already sporting a chip.” After a long silence in the room, Benjamin crosses his legs and leans back into the sofa.

After a long pause, the President responds. “I will have to investigate this with the clergy who serve in the White House. It seems like something I should look into. I’ll admit, Benjamin, I’d like to dismiss the validity of what you just said, but it does trouble me. I won’t be able to drop it until I have some answers. Are there any other predictions I should review with the clergy?”

Benjamin glances at Janet, who shifts back into the sofa. She opens her hand slowly, giving him the floor. “Well, yes, there’s more. There’s a prediction of a massive object falling from space and causing severe damage to our water reserves. Many believe this could be a meteorite. The one we just discussed in the Roosevelt room could fit the bill.” The President sits idle and doesn’t respond. Benjamin decides to keep going. “And, then there’s the relevance of the number 666 and something called ‘the Beast.’ This part is conjecture, but some say the number and the title represents computers and the World Wide Web.

“The large computer near Brussels, which was recently expanded, is now capable of handling all financial transactions in the world, as well as storing information for up to ten billion people. It has already assigned a number to every living person on Earth. This number will replace social security numbers and other numbers assigned by the governments of the world. The computer already searches world data on its own, deactivates the accounts of people who die, and generates a number within an hour of a recorded birth. These numbers all begin with 666, just as all web addresses begin with www.

“The designers of this massive computer call it the BEAST. The European Common Market is already uploading data into BEAST—and so is the United Nations. The U.N. test program that required individual saving plans ran through a section of BEAST. The computer is owned by private investors. Nations have been, and will be, renting sections of its massive data capacity.”

Janet is slightly taken back by the revelations Benjamin says are coming. She’s in awe, but also disappointed her assistant didn’t share this with her before the meeting. She looks towards the President, who is staring at nothing in particular, deep in thought.

He removes his reading glasses and rubs his eyes. “This has been a very big day for us. Hearing about asteroids hitting Earth, a reversal of gravity poles, weaponized mandates, and a troubling report from Egypt about drones being used to kill some of their nation’s leaders, I believe I have reached my limit for the day.”


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