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Demo PressbooksEDU Sandbox

This is a PressbooksEDU network equipped with Silver features. It is used for demos, and as a sandbox for testing by prospective university clients.

Its look and feel may change from time to time, as we demonstrate how the network can be customized.

If you have been granted access to this network for testing, you can log in using the link below.

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About PressbooksEDU

Pressbooks is a platform that can be used to create book-like content in a variety of export formats from a single source.

PressbooksEDU includes a number of education-specific features, as well as training and ongoing support.

PressbooksEDU is used widely in OER programs for remixing, creating, and adopting open content, but it can also be used to make other materials like syllabi, dissertations or other course materials or publications. 

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PressbooksEDU Features

PressbooksEDU networks are standalone Pressbooks networks that are brandable to individual institutions. They include the following features: 

  • A brandable network that you can customize for your university and its OER initiative
  • A catalog where you can showcase your institution’s OER collection and efforts
  • Network analytics to help you understand usage on your network
  • Premium support for designated support contacts (network managers) 
  • Training for faculty author end users and support contacts 
  • Cloning tool, for easy remixing of existing openly licensed, public resources built on Pressbooks 
  • H5P integration (to create quizzes and other interactive activities) 
  • MathJax and TablePress integration (for more sophisticated equations and tables)
  • Ability to showcase book exports in various formats on your web book home page
  • Thin Common Cartridge exports with web links to embed webbooks directly into your institutional LMS
  • Access to the PressbooksEDU community of practice
  • LTI integration (Gold plans only)
  • SSO authentication (available as an add-on to Gold plans)

Want PressbooksEDU?

Would you like your own PressbooksEDU system? Or, have questions about which Pressbooks tier is right for you? We’re glad to talk you through the options.

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