Other Open Textbooks Produced With Rebus Community Support

Financial-Strategy-Ebook-Cover-200x300Financial Strategy for Public Managers[1](Sharon Kioko and Justin Marlowe): University of Washington professors Sharon Kioko and Justin Marlowe used Pressbooks to create a book for students in Master of Public Administration programs. One of many projects of the Rebus Community, this textbook has been designed to serve as the core text for a comprehensive introductory graduate or advanced undergraduate course on public financial management. Kioko and Marlowe have collaborated with the Rebus community to use this book as a test-case for accessibility and inclusive design in open textbooks.

Cover-Media-Innovation-Entrepreneurship-smMedia Innovation & Entrepreneurship[2](Edited by Michelle Ferrier & Elizabeth Mays): More than 20 authors and numerous reviewers including student beta testers were involved in the making of this open textbook project led by co-editors Michelle Ferrier, a former associate dean at Ohio University and Elizabeth Mays, an adjunct faculty at Arizona State University, with support from the Rebus Community. The editors sought to fill a gap in resources for the growing number of faculty who teach media innovation, journalism entrepreneurship, and the business of journalism in journalism and mass communications programs.

Lit-Reviews-Ebook-Cover-smLiterature Reviews for Education & Nursing Graduate Students[3](Linda Frederiksen, Sue F. Phelps): This book from authors Linda Frederiksen and Sue F. Phelps, librarians at Washington State University, helps students recognize the significant role the literature review plays in the research process and prepare them for the work that goes into writing one. Students learn how to form a research question, search existing literature, synthesize results, and write the review. Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students also contains examples, checklists, supplementary materials, and additional resources. It was built with support from Rebus Community.

Am-Lit-Temp-Cover2smThe Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature[4](Timothy Robbins, Editor): Timothy Robbins of Graceland University built upon Robin DeRosa’s popular Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature in this community-built work-in-progress supported by the Rebus Community. “My own ‘American Literature to 1900’ course charts some of the various, often contentious stories of “American” culture’s movements towards inclusion, emancipation, and equality across those four centuries of coverage,” he says. “The sections track roughly chronologically and feature representative authors and texts. Indigenous creation stories confront European colonial documents; the early texts of New England’s Puritan pulpits are met and challenged by the voices and pens of native peoples, African slaves, and women writers. The American Revolution gives way to an explosion of social movements and an expansion of the canon stretching from Thomas Paine’s republican propaganda to the birth of African-American letters in Phillis Wheatley. The selections from the early nineteenth century include the familiar names of the ‘American Renaissance’—Emerson, Poe, Hawthorne, Whitman, Melville—in tandem with the literature of abolitionism. The post-Civil War sections aim to balance the significant social writings of the Gilded Age and Reconstruction era with the emergence of realist fiction.”

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