Why Remix an Open Textbook?

Open textbooks provide a free alternative to the costly texts you might otherwise assign in your course.

But not every open textbook is going to be 100% suited to your needs out of the box.

Here are some of the reasons you might wish to adapt an existing open educational resource.

  • You teach a subject a certain way and want to adapt the text to your teaching style.
  • You teach the subject at a different level (community college or graduate students, for instance) from what a text was designed for.
  • You want to add material within your expertise that may not be covered in the original.
  • You want to customize a general purpose book (on business principles for example) to your specialized course (on technology entrepreneurship).
  • You need to merge two books into one.
  • Or, you only want to use what makes sense for the scope of your course.

Remixing (aka adapting and revising) an open textbook enables you to take something that is mostly what you want and that has already gone through vetting, and make it entirely what you want…without having to write an entire new textbook by yourself!


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