4 Crediting Book Contributors


You can now credit more contributors in your open textbook, including non-author contributors such as editors, translators, reviewers, illustrators and others.

This is especially useful if you’re working on a book with multiple contributors, or are remixing a book with prior contributors who need to be credited.

(Special thanks to eCampusOntario for funding the development of this feature.)

When you clone a book, its original contributors will automatically appear in the metadata for your adaptation. (IS THIS TRUE?)

To add new contributors:

Go to Book Info.

Go to the field for the type of contributor you would like to add.

Select a contributor from the pre-existing list of contributors.

Or, click Create New Contributor.

Add (at minimum) the name of your new contributor.

Click the button to Add New Contributor.

They will be added to your centralized list of contributors.

You can also add contributors and credit chapter contributors from within a chapter.

To do so, navigate to the intended chapter. Scroll down to the Author(s) field.

From here, you can add a new contributor or select an existing one to credit for that chapter.


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