Section Two: Learning Objectives


Content marketing and social media marketing level the playing field for new ventures, allowing them to reach and engage users and customers organically, with minimal investment. This chapter will provide an overview of key concepts in content marketing, including how to develop a marketing strategy to move people through your conversion funnel and leverage content tactically to execute your plan. In addition, the chapter will give an overview of some of the metrics used to measure success of content and social marketing endeavors in terms of reach and engagement.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives for this section include the following:

  • Understand what content marketing is and why it’s particularly important to new digital ventures (or your personal brand if you’re a solopreneur).
  • Identify types of content that might be used for marketing your venture (email marketing, blogging, video, podcasting, events, social media, etc.).
  • Understand how basic social and website analytics can help make marketing decisions, measure success, and pivot.
  • Differentiate between reach and engagement strategies, and why you might pursue one over the other.
  • Develop conversion-focused objectives, strategies, and tactics marketing your venture.
  • Strategically optimize your content to be discoverable in search engines.



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