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212.5.3: Deriving Number of Atoms from Mass for an ElementFill in the Blanks
223.1.1: Determining the Frequency and Wavelength of RadiationFill in the Blanks
233.2.1: Calculating the Energy of RadiationFill in the Blanks
243.2.2: Photoelectric EffectFill in the Blanks
253.3.1: Calculating the Energy of an Electron in a Bohr OrbitFill in the Blanks
263.3.2: Calculating the Energy and Wavelength of Electron Transitions in a One–electron (Bohr) SystemFill in the Blanks
274.1.1: Quantum Numbers and Electron ConfigurationsFill in the Blanks
283.3 Example 2: Wavelength of a Neutron in MotionFill in the Blanks
293.4, Example 4: Quantum Nature of BaseballsFill in the Blanks
303.5, Example 2: n=3 Shell StructureFill in the Blanks
313.5, Example 3: Working with Shells and SubshellsDrag and Drop
323.5, Example 4: Maximum Number of ElectronsFill in the Blanks
33**Jim 3.5, Example 5: Working with Quantum NumbersFill in the Blanks
343.4, Example 2: Predicting Electron Configuration of IonsFill in the Blanks
354.3.1Drag and Drop
364.4.1: Ranking Ionization EnergiesMultiple Choice
374.4.2: Contrasting Electron Affinities of Sb, Se, Te, Rb, Sr, and XeMultiple Choice
384.5.1: Trends in Ionic RadiiDrag and Drop
395.3.1: Composition of IonsFill in the Blanks
405.3.2: Formation of IonsFill in the Blanks
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